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I don't think I'll ever get accustomed  
to seeing your lifeless corpse
every nerve screams for me
to shake that frail frame

For a moment
I let myself
envision your eyes opening
and smiling up at me
but they remain closed
and all I can do is watch
myself fall to pieces.
Esther L. Krenzin
For my great-grandmother.
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
A relationship
          Is a lot like
       Collimating binoculars
             It’s time consuming
           It’s difficult
It’s about aligning
                      But in the end
       Often is left even more
I dropped my binoculars last night doing some backyard gazing. It has been knocked out of tune, to fix it is to adjust the objectives to the prism with the eyepiece so that the light beams are parallel. Confusing stuff. I tried and now the view is even worse.
Hush don't wake her, leave her in the quiet.
Hush don't wake her, it's the nightmares. Let her battle the internal riot.

Hush don't wake her, there is no longer any need.
Hush don't wake her, now she must take the lead.
Hush don't wake her, yes we have shown her this ledge.
Hush don't wake her, but, you see, she must be the one to walk over the edge.
(C) 2016
Sydney Mar 2014
Hair a spiders web
tangled gently on her sloping neck
her fingers red, and soft, and swollen,
as if her fingers quested through frozen snow.
forehead high, and wide, and arched
her cheeks so blushed, her eyes so dark.
hips soft and round,
curved into a shy hunch
of shoulders marked by freckles which drifted
from nose to rib.
her stomach warm, her legs sharp
she graces, stumbling through my confined heart.

— The End —