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rgz Mar 2019
The cost of this book
is much more than it looks
In place of your face there's
a portrait you took

Life crammed into lines
between half-truths and lies
Posed just the right way
to seem like a good time

Digital memoirs of
a life for the lens

An emotional drought
plug in to tune out
Surfing silicon valleys
you'll never surmount

Comfort in fluorescent glow
the only light you've ever known

Paying with your soul
for a follower count
Taking more than it's toll
still you don't put it down

Take your pick of
***** tricks that
make you sick
you need a fix
just one more hit

The cold sincerity
of whirs and clicks
Irony x 3
Leo Janowick Jan 2019
Change the Changeable,
    Accept the unchangeable,
         and remove yourself
              from the Unacceptable
solfang Dec 2017
you said I'm complicated,
i say you're confusing,
you said you don't
know what I'm thinking,
i say you never want to
know what I'm thinking,
you said you rather be friends,
i say I want it to be more,
you said you wanted to talk,
i say I don't really feel like it,
you said you're not prepared
to love anyone,
I say you're just not prepared
to reject me properly.

what's the point
in this game of love,
if both of us can't agree
to the same **** thing.
true story.
Cyber bullying is not acceptable
It's cruel
And demeaning.
As for the person well don't think much of
Their mentality.
Got nothing else better to do than pick
on someone their own age.
Sally A Bayan Feb 2015
(Haiku x 5)

This dark shines so bright
Blinding, unacceptable
Eyes hide from its light.

Truths are bad, sad, grim,
Taunting, stinging, destroying,
Slashing-poor heart bleeds.

Pain, shame, we cover,
Heart, shoulders, pulled down lower,

Murmurs are like smoke,
Wise minds understand.

So, breathe....part curtains
Sun, wind, shall take charge...believe!
The truth sets us free!


Copyright 2015
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
bear Oct 2014
unlock your senses to what you believe is virtuous! Do not lock yourselves away thinking that everything is alright or that it will figure itself out! Stand up to what you know is unacceptable! Do not wait for the next man to stand up for you because he is thinking you'll do the same! Stand up for your family, stand up for your neighbor, and stand up for your nation!

— The End —