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Elizabeth Zenk Jun 2018
I scroll through my parents' Facebook accounts mindlessly at
4:10 AM.
Looking at all the photos.
No matter how hard I try and push the word away it keeps reappearing in my muddy thoughts
Each family portrait.
Each selfie.
It's all staged.
I'm troubled by the thought of how many people have gotten mislead by these images.
Imagining all the history that gets replaced with forced smiles.
It's all staged.
My phone illuminates the deception.
My **** mug glows a sickly color as the lies burn holes in my retinas.
It's all staged.
I begin to wonder about the truth behind everyone else's photos.
What secrets are hidden in those empty-eyed smiles?
watching purported heads of state
stage their pr shows on their national television
     aired internationally
for very obvious purposes

makes you wonder
whether these so-called politicians
really believe they speak to total idiots
or have just lost the ground under their feet

in the end, though,
*** do I worry

the results are the same
Justin G Sep 2015
Behind all his smiles and silly gestures
He longs to walk a thousand miles away
He desires to escape from everyday
No more small talk
Or large gatherings
The curtain has CLOSED
A contemporary task.

In the eyes of the crowd
All they see is the proud facade
Entertainment is important
And all they care about
Forgetting the person
behind the PERSONA
a temporary mask.

As his mask fades
Rabbits shift
into sparrows
No light at the end
Only cued applauds
Some flowers
And skewed imagery
An exemplary stage.

Disappearing into the night
Unmasking the illusions he conjured.
The sinking reality comes back
Silence echoes his longing…
A price to pay of the famed gift
Hoping this will be his last...


Justin G / **Pax
A special collaboration with the one and only Pax. Thanks for this major contribution.

— The End —