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The Truth May 2015
So many times I thought I answered
But only to see the stakes have changed
Every time I look up at him
He shoots me down to the abyss below
Where I have to crawl just to reach my goal
To find out how I can be whole
Dark and damp its cold inside
The monster that decides to hide
I fight to find, inside who I am
A Sheppard looking for his lost lambs
As if the tattoo jumped of my skin
Searching for my long lost twin
The image of me has faded away
Darkness unable to be kept at bay
Surging through me like a beam of black
My life hung up upon the plaque
The tears want to drop, I just want to cry
Why can't I find myself, WHO am I?
The Truth May 2015
My head, it hurts, pieces of glass inside. The glass stained with pictures, the pictures full of purpose. As i smoked the cigarette yesterday I asked myself, an endless abyss of 'what if's' and 'have not'. The pain, it hurts, but i find purpose beneath it. A duty i have to fulfill
It's an addiction i need to feed, It's the water to life, It's the person i need to keep happy, to keep fulfilled.
And they must be happy, no matter the cost of my own
Like Autumn days and night, the warm tender kiss of the sun. The Moon, shining off its glorious radiant light even if it can not be seen
With out it, we are nothing
Without you, I am nothing
I meant to tell you since the day we met, but someone else fell into your light
Hypnotized, by the trance of love
The Truth May 2015
This feeling, leaves me speechless
The thought of you on my mind
Unable to reach that first kiss
If only I could slow down time
A bliss image of what I want in my arms
This feeling of pain over powers me
At the sight of your lovely charms
Leaves me to blind to even see
As if I am your sword and shield
I'd fight for you with all my will
With only my heart in my hands to wield
Just the thought of that emotes a thrill
I may not be the one who holds you heart
But i'd protect it till my very last breath
For this feeling shall not be torn apart
Till the day I meet with Death
My lips go numb, they've become weak
My lungs gap for a widen breath
When I look at you, I cannot speak
The Truth May 2015
Freedom, the beauty in the word itself. Free, to break control of that those have on you. Dictators, Leaders, Nobles, Aristocrats, all of them seem to hang our freedom in their scales. Their scales of right and wrong, contradicting what they see fit, To spread our wings and fly, is the divine goal, but how do we fly, when THEY have clipped our wings, when we allow others to put us in a cage. Under lock and key, strained from our movements. Like puppets tied to strings. They decide our actions, our movements, even our decisions to an extant. Can we be truly free, can we take the reigns back into our hands, after it has been ripped. Can we break from the cell we were put in. Only time will tell. For like a clock, we seem to always circle back, after moving forward for so long.
The Truth May 2015
Happiness, What creates it? what is happiness? for some, happiness is money, wealth. Others, happiness is life itself. Others find it fulfilling a purpose. Purpose? Is there really such a thing? a slave to be bound to a singular entity, for eternity to come. Are we all slaves? feeding the machine that is called life, is there reason behind it? I know my purpose, to bring happiness to people. Solipsism, the idea, that the world. only a picture, of a subconscious artist slaving away at his canvas The artist, his world. the one he creates, The one he sees. the one where he exists. And if there is even, even the slightest amount of truth. Behind the Artists mind. You Are The Most Beautiful Thing I Could Perceive.
Written by one of my best friends, who without him, I might be dead
The Truth May 2015
Understand that your emotioms are real,
Say what's on your mind, How you feel
Don't let Anger drive you to Fear
For your illness, as a cure
We are not perfect, never meant to be
For your future, only you can see
Don't give in, have faith, have hope
Its cheesy yes, but find ways to cope
Take the noble strength, use Its power
Never hide, never coware
Try hard, do your best...
And I promise out of them all, you will
Easily Rest asparxianart sparxstudio tt rhyme poetry
The Truth May 2015
The beauty that stands tall,
Towering over, standing above all
Don't be a toysoilder, a lock with out key
Spread your wings, fly be free
Take control of your destiny,
Be the best you know you can be
Your not a mess up, not a mistake
Grab the chains, pull till they break
Because life is what you can make
Don't allow others to take the reigns
Don't give in to the undying pain
Don't let your tears create rain
For you shall never live in vain.
The Truth Mar 2015
For so long I've been in chains
Unable to break free
Drowning in the rain
Of the sorrow and the pain
Wishing to be set loose
But tied to these reigns
Fitted for the noose
When they think this is a game
Life plays a role
In all of our hearts
To weak to let go
I'm fading in the dark
Losing sight of this
I'm falling in a hole
Can't see infront of me
To afraid to go back home
Can't look back, and I won't turn around
Gotta keep going, gotta stand my ground
Don't let them see the tears you shed
Looking away just turn your head
To afraid to face the dark
But it's everywhere you can't avoid
The emotions you feel turn to marks
Everyone seems like a mindless droid
Feeling alone unable to stand
Put your fist up so you can defend
Giving your all just for tonight
Making one more chance to
Fight for your life
The Truth Mar 2015
A personality that is just divine
Having every boy stand in line
Head over heels is how you make me feel
Knowing this is all to good to be real
But even if it's just a simple dream
I could only wish it is how it seems
This feeling I get, I cannot rest
It's like god's way of giving me a test
Wether OR not I deserve YOU so
Unable to help my self control
You bring out the best in me
And In me I hope there's something you see
I know that with this I can't change your mind
But with all my heart I say, you're one of a kind
An amazing girl, who swept me off my feet
A girl one day I can't wait to meet
Your the girl who descended from above
And I pray you'll say yes when I ask...
Will you be my love?
The Truth Feb 2015
The glistening in your hair,
Unable to say goodbye
The beat my heart skips,
When I look into your eyes
The way we can talk
The way I make you smile
Makes me wake up ever day
Knowing it's worth while
The joke's we exchange
The laughs we share
Only to feel close
Knowing you actually Care
This is for her, the one you love most
The one you show off
And the one you boast
This is for the girl
That makes you feel
Like you are the happiest
Man in the World
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