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The Truth Jul 2016
Don't let me disappear into another memory
I ask for you, please do not forget me
I'm already lost, confused in the dark
My life, my soul, are waiting to embark
Once I leave, do not forget me
Do not worry, I will finally be free
I find it hard to drop a tear
Waiting for the day you can join me here
Its time for me, to finally drop dead
Bleeding out with the bullet in my head
Wishing I could take my blade and make it end
To help understand what others can't comprehend
So once I'm gone, please don't let me fade
Don't forget me, or the memories we've made
Carry on, but please remember me
I'll be watching from under the willows tree
This is a confusing poem, I made it in hopes to help people see how hard depression can hit teenagers
The Truth May 2015
This feeling, leaves me speechless
The thought of you on my mind
Unable to reach that first kiss
If only I could slow down time
A bliss image of what I want in my arms
This feeling of pain over powers me
At the sight of your lovely charms
Leaves me to blind to even see
As if I am your sword and shield
I'd fight for you with all my will
With only my heart in my hands to wield
Just the thought of that emotes a thrill
I may not be the one who holds you heart
But i'd protect it till my very last breath
For this feeling shall not be torn apart
Till the day I meet with Death
My lips go numb, they've become weak
My lungs gap for a widen breath
When I look at you, I cannot speak

— The End —