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Xgaizer May 2019
It's hard to fight in a battle that no one have seen
It's a battle between you and your mind
Between what's right and what's wrong
Between darkness and light
How could you still fight, if right in front of your eyes,
Is the thing you scared the most
It is something you fear
It whisper to your ear the most hopeless word
By then the most hurtful drops fell from the sky
A voice that come out in your lips
It was the loudest sound
You look around
Just to realize the most loudest is the most quiet voice.
Tell me what is the meaning of the poem
Xgaizer Mar 2019
It burns like cold fire.
Take me to the empire

Your kiss is my lullaby
this is not a goodby

Your breath smells like mint,
Lips taste like berry tint

I will give up this lifeline
Just take me to the cloudnine
Xgaizer Mar 2019
There's something in my head
That keeps me awake
There's something in my head
That keeps me wreak
There's something in my head
That makes me afraid
There's something in my head
That make me ranged
But there is one thing in my head
That makes me think i wanna escape.
Xgaizer Mar 2019
under the
big old tree

smiling to me
I'm holding
to you
and I'm
Xgaizer Mar 2019
you told me  to sing
cause its what  i love
you told me to write
cause i love the tale
you told me to dance
to our un-choreography move
you told me to draw
cause i love to scratch
you told me to play
cause i just love the game
you told me to dress
because i love to show
you told me to smile
cause it just makes me shine
you told me to trust
cause you say you won't break it for sure
you told me to love
cause i deserve it all
you ask me to be yours
are you even sure?
and if its a yes
then is a yes.
to girl that can always make me feel like everything
Xgaizer Mar 2019
My head is still sleeping
My eyes a bit teary
My body is a bit slowly
I'm feeling cloudly
My breath is whispering
I'm to lazy its no Sunday
but it's Monday

I'm in my bed
under my sheet
pillow in my chest
the aircon is On
the window i close
I'm to lazy
its lazy Sunday but it's Monday
late post ehehe
Xgaizer Mar 2019
You look at me like I was everything
You follow me like i was a King

You treated me like I was your Queen
You smiled at me like I'm the only one you seen

You see me like I was your Prince
Save you in so many evil whence

You see me like i was your Princess
That can save you on so many curses

So I give you so many kisses
build an empire with those sadness

Let us make a promises
build walls with those pieces

I put you inside my chest
And love you for all the rest
whence means a place at least for, just bare with it. thank you so ,much :)
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