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Erin Riley Dec 2020
fear and excitement
are twins
who love to switch places on us
Erin Riley Dec 2020
I want to fall for someone
who will break for me
who will let their stains spill everywhere
who will allow their eyes to pour up a glass
of the beautiful mess
that they are
Erin Riley Dec 2020
I wish I could’ve warned you
about how heavy they can get
how they’ll refuse to leave
and instead
unpack in every room
they will pile up to the point
where you won’t be able to lift yourself up
you might think that the only way to survive
is to find a tool or two
one too many drinks
less food on the menu
any escape route that’ll drain you
but you’ll soon learn that
being empty
weighs you down just like them
that’ll never stop trying
to devour you
Erin Riley Oct 2020
will the fight end
with who
I was before
and who
I can become.
They’re like
two parents arguing,
that their child
is right here
Erin Riley Sep 2020
Learn to love your tears.
They are
Erin Riley Aug 2020
Wrap up the love
you so madly give to others
and open it
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