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Carter Ginter Mar 2018
Red lines red lines
Like tiger stripes
Across my shin
I want them across my wrist
My forearms and back too
Tigers are strong and fearless
Brave in the face of death
Maybe that's what I'm looking for
Nettie Schulte  May 16
Running through the jungle
Bounding over fallen trees
Trying to escape

When will we leave them alone?

Staring at the moon
Golden eyes shining
Ears flicking at every unknown sound

When will we leave them alone?

Pacing in a wire trap
Roaring out of pain
Bleeding, just for men's gain

When will we leave them alone?
My friend wanted me to write a poem about tigers.
Jim Davis  Aug 2017
A Tiger Comes
Jim Davis Aug 2017
We thought we
had all the time
In the world
Then time's end came

Jumping on us like
A tiger in the dark
Consuming all
Taking all our life

Gnawing on the
Raw flesh and bone
Gorging on all
We thought we knew

©  2017 Jim Davis
The idea is coming from thinking about the unexpected end of a serious relationship.  Although of course, easily could be death itself!
Wanna tygerskinrug tymemachine
for non-tragic carpet ryde
'cross the meltin' clock stream.
Rhynestone tymelyne HG couldn't prophesy,
one where Milton Keynes is the new New Orleans.

Some of us can't get over
how much we ****** at being 17.
Send myself back a Kyle Reese shrink,
preshrink tiger sniffles of spleen.

Sow wyld paradoxes, flog dead groundhogses.
Marty & the Doc
patsies for end of days.
I'll elbow Al, selfish Sam Beckett.
Scream will the butterfly effect afflicted.

Some of us can't get over
how much we ****** at being 17.
Send myself back a Kyle Reese shrink,
redestine kitten smithereens.

Shades of grey of history
frame our immortal sinchronicity
for a cryme: tyger strypes of tyme!

Ret-connaissance, chrono camo,
crossroads where Norwich
'came 2nd Seattle:
tyger strypes of tyme
burning bryte on tyme!

Ret-connaissance, chrono camo,
in the forests
of the snooze button
burning bryte on tyme!
Tyger strypes of tyme!
Diadema L Amadea  Aug 31
stay tiger at heart.

but, aim for panda lifestyle
look cute, eat, sleep, repeat.
jangan lupa nonton we bare bears ya, dicariin ice bear dan kakak kakaknya.
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