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Maple Mathers Feb 2016

Here and there, you called my name
For this is what you christened me
“Maple is a hurricane.”
Here and there you called my name.
Face to face, you’ll ascertain
That this is not the truth, you’ll see
I’m not a ******* hurricane
For this is what you christened me.


Hear, and where you called my name –
Abyss is what you christened me.
Oh, “Maple is a hurricane!
Said puppeteer’s overt reframe.
Braced and faced, they’ll ascertain
That this just YOUR truth – decreed
You sought a ******* hurricane
Within YOURSELF; yet, christened ME.**

(You IDIOTS Can't STOP Your Hurricane
Ready or not, here I come).

(All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016)
Pastell dichter Feb 2016
First you need friendship,
Then add a pinch of attraction,
And a dash of late nights and,
Glances that last to long.
Don't forget the ****** tension,
You'll need a lot of that,
Butterflies and quick heart beats.
Add nerves and hope filled dreams,
Laughter is next,
Along with too big t-shirts,
And warm blankets.
Touches that you liked to much,
And goodbye hugs,
Then add some strength,
And shared interests.
Now let that all simmer and stew,
And watch true love grow.
I'm like a member of the Poetry Cheerleading Squad
Everyone gets a poem instead of t-shirts
Because everybody wins here
Nobody loses tonight
Life is very hard to win at, so i'm giving everyone a freebie if that's what is going to make them feel better.
I'd do anything to cease the issues in this very land.
b for short Jul 2015
***** girl problems.
Any text on a t-shirt?
Highlighter for ****.
© Bitsy Sanders, July 2015
Mike Essig Apr 2015
I own a
black t-shirt
that proclaims
(on the back):

Disturbed Veteran
Do Not Approach

When I wear it,
mothers clutch
their children and
I am rarely jostled
in check out lines.
You'd think
I was a *****
asking to shake hands.
Mostly, they pretend
blindness and just
walk away as they
did long ago
when the war ended
*for them.
I love to mess with people. I have a t-shirt or bumper sticker to offend or frighten just about anyone. In this land of conformity, this brings me glee. I even have one that says: I Am Comfortable With Violence. That gets a look.

— The End —