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Timon chukwuonu Dec 2017
End of the Eva
Love and pain ran within us
Minute by minutes ,
hour by hours,
day by days ,
week by weeks ,
month by months
and year by years
At the end we smile;
As we overcome the articles of life
and wrote our statement on the walls of our love ones.
Happy new Eva
Beautiful.month .
Zero Nine Mar 2017
Hand over hand, checklist and
A pen
Hull breach after hull
breach blown
Liquid leaking uncontrollably
Blank black space, vacuum
Eating up luminescence lost
Clarity, comfort me
Vacuum dines on comfort, too
EVA whistles somehow sad between
Waves of static and silence

Where is the sunrise headed?
Where is the new dawn?
Is this transference, or
164 Eva cuts my cheek
leaves seeds embedded
in flesh that betrays the blood.
If Earth is the lonely world
I'm watching the worst sci-fi short
I'm a hero with no extent,
all patched pores defeated
By carbon in the end
Maple Mathers Feb 2016

Here and there, you called my name
For this is what you christened me
“Maple is a hurricane.”
Here and there you called my name.
Face to face, you’ll ascertain
That this is not the truth, you’ll see
I’m not a ******* hurricane
For this is what you christened me.


Hear, and where you called my name –
Abyss is what you christened me.
Oh, “Maple is a hurricane!
Said puppeteer’s overt reframe.
Braced and faced, they’ll ascertain
That this just YOUR truth – decreed
You sought a ******* hurricane
Within YOURSELF; yet, christened ME.**

(You IDIOTS Can't STOP Your Hurricane
Ready or not, here I come).

(All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016)
solEmn oaSis Nov 2015
salamat at may isang ikaw ?
na sa akin ay siyang pumukaw,
upang ang prutas sa hardin ng balik-tanaw...
maingatang mainam ang pagpitas nitong balintataw !
oo Ikaw na Aking KAIBIGAN
na siyang aking sinusundan!
"when meaning, treated as a hurt and empty
anything might be gone, even madness and beauty" kanyang BABAHAGINAN
ang napiling KABABAIHAN
na magiging DAHILAN
upang ang PARAAN
"sapagkat ang likas na lakas ng isang pasya
ay siyang pinagmumulan ng naka-akdang propesiya"
**na para bang tayo sina Eva at Adan
Lila Valentine Dec 2014
Eva came first, a tiny cloth bag
A tiny brown noose on the table will drag
A little red heart sown over her chest
We are one, together depressed.

After comes Lucas, a lover of Eva
He adds to the mix a slightly different flavor
He takes the scars with which I'm obsessed
We are one, together depressed.

Now there's Sally, a full-bodied doll
She can fit in the palm of my hand, she's so small
You can try to figure out who they are, be my guest
We are one, together depressed.

When most people see them, they call me a creep
You must be a voodoo artist, they all say like sheep
Not such a shocker that no one has ever addressed
That we are one, together depressed.

Think what you say, because sometimes it's needed
To keep me from death they have so far succeeded
Not often have I really expressed
That we are one, together depressed.
I make rag dolls sometimes. One is Eva, another is Lucas. The last is Sally, inspired slightly by Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. I have had several people call me a voodoo artist....
Mermaid Jun 2014
The sorrow grips my senses
I'm drinking from the poisonous apple,
Now my eyes are suddenly opened for
The new light of the earth, and my mind,
Still dull, expecting punishment of hell.
In my innocence I never knew,
What is that Time, and space, heaven and hell.
Truly I was living in Eden?

My body has tempting curves,
And my skin is so soft,
My hair has the color of wheat…
My eyes seem like mirrors of lake,
Just in this sadness I could notice that!
Oh, Adam, you will adore my new essence
Of woman and Goddess of love!

Since than my price will be
To suffer birth pains and ages
To go, my life is not an endless joy,
But as a lonely flower I'll grow…
From the knowledge apple seed
Spreads its shining spirit inside me.

:: © Mermaid ::
:: august -13
Mermaid Jun 2014
The snake: Since the end of the times,
I'm dreaming for this trap, the children
Of God to tempt and possess with my
Evil plan!
But who allow me here to crawl?
The tree of knowledge has all the power
In world, but God can not order it
Where to grow…

:: © Mermaid ::
:: august -13
Mermaid Jun 2014
Eva is looking at him…
Oh, what a strange feeling arose "
His body is naked, and see him now!
Adam : Oh what sweetness in her
Shiny skin, why I feel my body is longing
To embrace her in sin?

Eva : man, don't look to me like that!
I realize I have a tasty *******…
I'll hide from you with nature leaf,
How much you changed, who would believe!

Adam : Oh, woman, just go away from
My sight! As I'm ill from longing to drink
Your juice as a tangerine fruit, dreaming
to take you in my arms so tight!

Eva : I have to run! here  won't stay
This star night…

:: © Mermaid ::
:: august -13
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