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Simran Guwalani Nov 2018
You want the world to see
what a beautiful person you can be.
Maybe you never got a chance
to show them the way you dance.
Or show them the way you paint
or give them a little taste, of your inner saint.
Maybe the opportunity came by,
and you were too shy.
You try so hard for others to see,
you forget the dear ones, who appreciate you heartily.
So, stop trying to make them see
and don't keep your dear ones apart,
They are the ones who'll set you free,
because they have your best interest at heart.
Sifiso Jul 2018
You bring me joy
Like a little boy
With a new christmas toy

You are intelligent and not average
Kind but can be a savage
And took me with all my baggage

Gorgeous girl
You're smile beautiful like a pearl
I'd take you dancing so we can twirl

You are:................ ;
Not short like a fuse
Pretty like a muse
Funny and never fail to amuse
So tell me why I feel like I don't deserve you even though I don't abuse

- Subliminal
forestfaith Jun 2018
This fakeness is driving me mad.
This hypocrisy is faithless, destructive and deceptive.
Tear all these layers of fake, rip it apart and cast it away.
The convincing face of a phony, deceptive man,
tricking many to follow the wrong path, to the wrong land.

What's fake will fade away.
What can be shaken would all die and be burnt, cast to the side.
I hope they do.
You shouldn't be a fake.
Or your destiny would be written down, carved into stone, as real and true as ever.
Be real.
That's the best. Forever.
stay true! Tell the truth! Be true!
Deepak K B Apr 2018
You’ll see me here again.
In the world full of mist,
With full spirit,
and to desist,
from being a dramatist.
You’ll see me here again.
Today I looked in the mirror
"who's that girl looking back at me?"
there was a time where I thought I truly knew her
but she's not who she was raised to be
she has a smile on her face
and this look in her eyes
unhidden by God's grace
she wears no disguise
she has no scars
she's make up free
for once in her life she's happy
so don't try to take her joy away
that's a game she's not willing to play
just let her be
**Don't you see that she's happy!?!?!
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
All the crazy **** I do
& no one even has the slightest clue
They only hear parts of what I've been through
Only if they knew
& all of its true
See it always gets me flowin'
& no telling how long I can keep it goin'
Some parts may sound the same
but that's not how I spit my game
I'm better than that..
that's ******* lame
So **** whatever you claim
& let me try to explain
after this you'll always remember my name
Forever imprinted in your brain
hard to get out like a blood stain
You might as well leave it there to remain
& you'll always have good thoughts with not one reason to complain
because I'm Becky Littmann *****!
My words will leave you with a nervous twitch
because I've turned up the switch
Now even faster than a softball pitch
my words are sharp & hard hitting, they will leave your brain needing more than one stitch
You could end up in a ditch
but you'll realize it was all a dream after I give you a lil' pinch
....actually your mind had a glitch
& your brain may have slightly came unhitched
I can fix it though, it's a cinch
Just sit right here on the bench
Now can you just hand me that wrench
it may hurt a bit, so your teeth I would clench

I'm **** proud to write so clever
I'll write about anything & whatever
I don't want to stop ever
writing is so freeing, however
it's annoying when you can't write whenever
& the words & thoughts just building up with no time to write, whatsoever
You're freaking out cause you can't wait to put them together
Eventually finding time to write & share it with whomever
there's no way I would not share my work, nope NEVER
You'll always know me any place you are, yes wherever
Crazy may be what the call me but Becky Littmann is me forever

You may know my name now
& have heard my stories & thought WOW
But you'll never completely know what I've been through
& what I truly value
it's my life & I won't argue
I've only given you a preview
& none of it would I undo
because to me none of it was an issue
everyone may have their point of view
or their opinion about what I choose to pursue
but honestly that's nothing new
I wasn't asking for your thoughts but wanted to explain to you
what made me wiser & how I grew
I'll cherish every memory & moment with my crew
which brought me to the point of a new
...ME to debut!
& experience what some people may think is taboo
I'm glad I shared moments with a certain few
& no names need to be said, they already know who
I'll continue to be crazy & do all that it is I simply love to do
Being myself & staying true
So with all that, I bid you adieu..

— The End —