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Sifiso Jul 2018
You bring me joy
Like a little boy
With a new christmas toy

You are intelligent and not average
Kind but can be a savage
And took me with all my baggage

Gorgeous girl
You're smile beautiful like a pearl
I'd take you dancing so we can twirl

You are:................ ;
Not short like a fuse
Pretty like a muse
Funny and never fail to amuse
So tell me why I feel like I don't deserve you even though I don't abuse

- Subliminal
Zeus Nov 2016
Young King,
Still talking to God
I've been through hell enough times
This kind of lifestyle taught me patience and hard work
but it had me give up love and commitment.

but I'd rather give them a bigger house
than little me's

19 and I'm 4steps ahead.

Young King,
pour your heart out and give them the forbidden fruit
i know ******* is a wonderful thing
but we're on a road to something better,
complaining about life wont help so just live it or leave it
at your age you should control your rage unleash it on that page and they'll call it poetry,
know yourself, you owe that to yourself

we're not as pretty as her so we have to work twice as her
we're not good as him so we have to work to be better than him

they wont face the facts cause fact is you're going to be great.

Young King,
I stay out of trouble and stick in my lane;
I could take you under my wing.

— The End —