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I saw her pic on Facebook she was **** cute
Nice lips, diamond eyes and her skin, wow! So smooth
Obviously her fb dm must be full, to reach her I needed plan B
Maybe her Whatsapp wasn't full, if I text she might see
Back to her profile; contact information- oops! NONE
So I follow all her friends and start asking one by one
Yees! One is her class mate, he gives me the 'sapp no. of my crush
After a long burgain and paying him some good cash
7th June, 2017 8:30 pm after my supper meal I send my 1st Hi
Today 7th June 2021 we're talking about the 500th  with no reply
For nine months you carried me tirelessly
In pain and agony you raised me helplessly
For ten of us you struggled single-handedly
To make sure we don't live hopelessly

I remember your sweet whisperings in my ears
That kept me strong for months and years
You would say, "son show nobody your tears,
Because you'll give them opportunities for cheers"

Mama I now understand what you tried to explain
That life is full of hardships and pain
But your advices are still fresh in my brain
I confidently fight hard battles in sun and rain

I might have not said goodbye to you
I was in prison for mistakes I didn't do
I remember you once experienced this too
But in all I must find justice for Dad, I promise you.
Till when?
  Jun 2021 Silvio omutsiambo
When my day is done
The heart stop beating
I breath the last breath
Close my eyes for the last time
And the sound of my voice is no more,

Don't shed a tear,
If you've never done
in my breaking moments

Don't come for night vigil,
If you've never came for a visit
in my most trying times

Don't put flowers on my tomb,
If you've never let me smell
the fragrance of the lilies
in my happiest times

Love me now
Hug me now
Wipe off tears
From my teary eyes
At this moment
Before my day is done
Welcome to Africa where the people in power are always right
Try to oppose them and your career will never see the next light
Citizens are the least priority and the lucky ones get the last bite
Division is a norm and disputes must be resolved by at least a fight

In my sweet Africa freedom and rights are only on paper
Oppression is a rite of passage and justice isn't any better
Speeches from the governance have turned into a boring lecture
An office once meant for equal service is now a business center

The pain is here to stay and we better get used to this Africa of ours
Yes! 'cos change isn't a matatu that is just gonna arrive in few hours
Especially when all we want is about self and care less about others
At the end we form alliances and competition begins- us vs us us
I wrote this poem to reflect some of the challenges that hinder most of African countries from developing, mainly being bad governance, corruption and disunity among citizens.
Am a beginner in poetry, if there's any error let me know
It was midnight on a Sunday
Above the dark beautiful sky
Scattered bright sparling glasses
That shone beautifully from above

The moon's glow was so bold
Its rays penetrated smoothly in the forest
And the green leaves reflected the extra light
Making the scene more beautiful to the sight

At the far end of the forest
There appeared an urgly dark cloud
A huge red glow followed immediately
Things were happening so fast

Everything got worsened by the Swift blowing wind
Leaves were turned to black
The tree trunks were glowing red
And the environment was getting more hotter

It all started with a cigarette glow
Then came a conc dark smoke,
A huge flying red glow
And now we're counting losses of homes
Careless disposal of glowing cigarettes can be harmful to us all.
In need of your views or corrections

— The End —