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Avaleen Jul 2018
I watch as you plastered your words on my skin
until each wretched lie was permanently seared in my flesh
a constant reminder that I am not what the worlds wants
or even needs
instead of hating the scars I nurtured them and watched them grow
they  blossomed into flowers
and when they wilted away with your lies  
their infinite
Avaleen Jun 2018
This love
was destined
for how could I love you
if I didn't even know how to love myself
-the escape of self-love
Avaleen Jun 2018
Wish upon a star
And watch the constellations
crumble under greed
-because sometimes wishing for something is worse than not wishing at all
Avaleen Jun 2018
Each wilted word that fell from those thorny lips only bred despair. but. those piercing lips and sharpened tongue
which mercilessly cut others down
also cut itself to shattered bits
every. single. time.
Avaleen Jun 2018
Don’t fall asleep darling,
your life is much too brilliant to miss any of it.
-and a life of brilliance is worth staying awake for
Avaleen Jun 2018
don't get too close
you may see the rose
but you'll feel the thorns
-my defense
Avaleen Jun 2018
Don't stand in my way.
I will trample you under my dreams
-passion is blind to all adversaries
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