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Karthik balaji May 2017
Run with fear
   You may achieve something
Run with fire
   You will achieve something
Karthik balaji May 2017
I want to live with you
I want to live for you
Karthik balaji May 2017
Till now how the life was,
What we have had in our life
Fake dreams,
false promises,
All in a same word.                                                
we don't get what we think
But we get a sub,
There we start compromising.
We have a dream
But parents dream compromises us.
We select our way
But the way others tell compromises us
We select our interest
But "we don't get"  compromises us.
We plan something ,
But a new plan compromises us.
If we leave "compromises" to compromise
Us every time,
Then we may lose our originality
Be original
Think induvidually
Speak out...
                             Karthik balaji
Karthik balaji May 2017
We walk, run, jog...
Talk, whisper,shout...
Play games, hear music...
Eat foods,do our works...
Whatever we do,
We do it in our own intrest.
We never wanted someone to change the way we are
We expect someone to do so.
We are independent,
We have individual qualites,
We are free.
If someone expects something from us
There starts adjustments, compromises and problems.
So always don't expect from others,
And don't make others to expect things from you,
Because expectation differs from one to other
Which will change the way we are,
And our real faces disappears.
Karthik balaji
Karthik balaji May 2017
I stood at the shore,
Looking at the sea,
I saw the waves starting at some place,
Which? i couldn't find,
But it came near me, touched me,
again went back into the sea.
I wondered what did it leave behind with me,
It left a small wetness to my legs...
Then i understood
That In life,
problems may come,
they will go
they leave a small impact,
That remains atleast for days and changes us.
    Karthik balaji
Karthik balaji May 2017
Once upon a time,
There was a man named tiger,
He had a friend who was always with him,
A four legged friend,
He goes with tiger wherever he went,
He has never left tiger feel alone.
One day tiger got a new Friend
Who can talk with him, be normally like him,
So tiger left his four legged friend and gave more attention to his human friend,
Days passed fastly,
Tiger didn't understand how his four legged friend felt about,
Tiger just saw him a when his friend was not available,
One day his friend got a new one, so he went.
Tiger was standing alone,
Thinking what to do next,
But someone was still Waiting for him to look at him,
Tiger just looked,
The four legged friend ran and jumped over him,
Again Started a new love story...
                     Karthik balaji .
A friend without sixth sense,
Still they are the best ones.
Karthik balaji May 2017
The world was equal,
It gave me every rights whatever you had,
I was seeded by your ancestors,
I have been growing and growing,
Watching generations of your families.
I have witnessed the highest temperature,
Stood with confidence even against the strong currents flowing across me,
I had given protection to my fellow mates from the hot yellow ball,
But at last,
You guys started a competition between you,
I wanted to see you guys to be happy always,
So the best help from me is
giving you a place to live,
Live happily every moment,
Don't waste the chance you have.
                      Karthik balaji
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