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chitragupta Mar 29
Her bright red sweater
surrounded by the yellow of the sunflowers
Captured is the heart
it seems - though the lens has failed to focus

The bend took me away.
- Snap!
Ever felt your heart race faster than the shutter of a camera?
Or maybe my camera is defective.
Either one of those.
Heart flutters
Mind stutters the words
that I want to mutter
Another chance, perhaps

Your presence
Completes my puzzle of life
Makes me feel like
a picture whole, rather than
a piece of society’s
ever-changing mural

We intertwine
Grapes of love and hate
on emotional vines
Relishing these fleeting
one day at a time

Your presence
Completes my
mysterious existence
Makes me feel like
a human empowered,
rather than
another person going
thru the motions of life

Love is profound.
Mari Carrasco Oct 2017
I feel as if a part of me has been ripped apart,
Taken for granted and cast to the sea,
Left behind and taken from me,
Because I have these dreams,
And maybe I shouldn’t, but my dreams are as big as me,
They overtake me and make me delusional,
But never once did I ask them whether they were usable,
Never once did I open my mouth to see whether I could move on within their premises.
But once I bolted them and tied them to my heart,
My hands flew on that shutter, and that shutter tore me apart,
But there are more than dreams out there and today I am faced with reality
With the reality that this world is not kind and nothing is free,
And when be it the most, dreams go to die as survival is key.

- m.c.

— The End —