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poemcla Jan 3
It's a heart, the room
Walls so close
Feeling the veins, the spasm
It had me in, lost all
Let it win, to win it all,
When it drops the life begins
So play it to have it all,
Make it beat to have it all
have you ever felt completely lost in your own story.

almost as if you are standing in the middle of a dark patch of woods,
not know which way to go or how you even got there.

like you know what you are supposed to do but you have no idea how to do it.

feel out of place when you are the one who placed yourself there, and just thought, who have i become.

who's shoes have i walked in to get here. lost here.

seeing through your eyes yet it's like you've been blindfolded and someone else has been guiding you along this whole time.

you hear people the same as always but you start to question who they are and most importantly who they are to you because behind the familiar face is someone who you feel expects you to decide and make decisions on choices you've never seen or even felt before.

lost in these woods you just stare at different trees and look up to the not even full glowing moon and just stare. not knowing what happened, what is happening or what is going to happen.

nothing to say
Ms Noma Sep 2018
Passion lost
    Passion ran
            Far away
                  I now decay
                  A piece does rot
       To leave a carcass
A lifeless robot
       A special curse
             Without a cure
                     I must endure
                            Can things be worse
                                            Than how I live
                                                      Each day now
                                                                ­          A
                                                                ­         Life
                                                            ­              So
                                                ­                        Foul.
Ms Noma Jul 2018
I wish I could escape
This life of mine I hate
I wish that I could shape
A life with better fate

What’s the point of God?
If all he does is watch
I wonder does he nod,
Or turn up my pain a notch?

A silent, passive ghost
That’s what I’ve become
Living off a host
And withering in glum

Wake up and make some noise
I urge my ghostly self
Your life is full of choice
As long as you’ve good health

I know tis but a phase
I pray its end is near
I’m tired of this maze
That’s trapping me in fear

I know I’m in a cycle
An endless, spinning wheel
I’m afraid to take the fall
And face up to what is real.
Tink Nov 2017
Monday comes, you're feeling ace
until you ****** realise
that Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
just truly give a f@@k

realising makes you speechless
who could have imagined such a rudeness
but well, it opens up your eyes
when you finally then realise

cyberspace is not the place to stay
coz there's always one who finds a way
to make you cry
when you just wonder why
Lin Sep 2016
I wish you were right here,
Right now,
With me,
Together we pass this fcking tiring day,
Cause everywhere i go,
I saw your shadows,
Everytime i turn around,
I caught your glimpse,
Every sound i heard,
It resembled yours,
I always imagine how you would solve all of these,
I wonder how you would speak,
How you would act,
How you would smile this pain away,
But i know, i really know,
I can't ask for more,
Cause I'm nobody.
And still,
I'll be waiting for you with a strong heart,
Til' we meet again
I hope so
Sometimes all you need is for someone to listen,
And tell you that they understand,
And then maybe you'll feel,
Would be nice...

— The End —