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BSeuss Jul 2017
How many times did you read this sentence before you found the mistake?
The mistake is simple....
Ma Cherie Feb 2017
Imagine there's no Heaven,
it's easy if you try,
with no hell below us,
and above us only sky,

Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine no real difference
everyone sees the same
regardless of your skin tone
the only difference is a name

Imagine all the people living life as one

Imagine there's no countries,
it isn't hard to do,
and nothing to **** or die for,
and no religion too,

Imagine all the people living life in peace,

Imagine there's no hatred
no angry fingers blame
imagine no more bullies
no one to hide in shame

Imagine all the people living life with love


You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one,
I hope one day you'll join us,
and the world will be as one,

Imagine no possessions,
I wonder if you can,
no need for greed or hunger
a brotherhood of man,

Imagine all the people sharing all the world,

Imagine no division
imagine holding hands
farmers and great leaders
protecting sacred lands

Imagine all the people
sharing all the food

You may say I'm a poet
and I know
I'm not the only one
one day I hope you join me
and we can all live as one

Ma Cherie ©  2017
John Lennon wrote all the beautiful words not in italics - from memory so I hope it's right.
I just added some verses,
because I love the idea of the song -
I am not in any way against religion -
I just hope one day
we all see the same way...
one world one heart,
one voice,
spiritually maybe?
And please, please feel free to join me,
in comments leave a verse,
a rhyme or word of togetherness!
Love and peace - VERMONT
Evan Crow Dec 2016
False sense and even more hopless logic.
The meak bleed the dream and the truth exists for the chosen .

Weaknes is a sin and in the darkness he awaits to embrace .
Shunned like you my child why seek exceptance when the cruel torment
And the so called wicked remain silent inspite there action's?

Part of my soul is never anothers to consume i made these steps alone dont give credit to none that have aided your efforts .

Embrace your desires burn in the flames of want and be truthful while others exist within there lies .

The wind holds more truths for it breathes life were hope only lends to help the weak remain.

Never seek acceptance .
The embrace awaits those not blind within heart.

Do not follow and you will never be led astray.
Truth is always the first victim to fear .

Bleed only for your own existance .
I bare no message to the ignorant .
Just a simple slap to the face harder than you may give to me.

Right your own rules before you become a fool for anothers .

Whispers in shadows .
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
Thinking we’re the fountain of youth
we spend life as if it’s money
Casting away dreams as we go
never knowing dark from sunny

The first we waste so endlessly
never thinking to stop and rest
Playing until we fall asleep
living life through memories best

Father time always catches us
no matter how swift we can run
Reminding us of mortality
to see we don’t have too much fun

When we finally wake from youth
to find the years so sadly gone
We wish they had been spent better
not worrying about our lawn

Faith may be the timeless healer
but lost time it cannot replace
And all the calls for Gods mercy
won’t give us back that youthful face

So we play each part as we go
thinking back on another joy
To wish we had taken notice
of the child when he was a boy

Original version with pictures and music
We spend too much time worrying about things that matter not.

— The End —