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Evan Crow Sep 2017
I had locked away the world for now.
I had no reason to entertain there lies for I saw there truths for what they were .

Madness has a way of allowing us to detach .
The mind a maze that is a prison to some and a endless abyss of darnkeness to me .

I was slipping as a man becoming something far more destructive I understood the words now.

There was no music like that of silence and insanity clawing upon hollow walls .
Blissful in its desires no man may fathom the truths we blind are thoughts to .

To simply exist is far from my need.

I waited for sunset and summoned them that would not exist in light.

The door was locked but to blind eyes there was something far more beautiful in its destruction headed my way.

The canvas is all that matters your health and sanity are merely pawns in this game of chess.

Never bury your thoughts no matter there sin.

We know the ritual only those without fear cast there souls to the wind .

I can here the ordinary screaming on the inside yearning only to know that which cannot be undone .

I locked the door not to keep the world away.
I locked the door simply to keep myself from letting something far worse than I out .

And so it has begun and as so it will be .
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Evan Crow Aug 2017
Tortured eyes were your burden now wicked storms linger and the rattle snakes charm isn't so appealing as his venom no longer does course within your veins .

Can you battle alone as I stand silent witness?
Does that entice as well as repulse ?

Are we the maggots of a long since expired corpse .
Will your paradise collapse to unveil nothing more than the delusions we conspired to know together my dear.

Take a number and wait for this stay of execution you've died already within my thoughts .

The funeral was held within the confines of this room are lust left nothing to hold but the empty shell and hollow words .

******* and die !!!.

The bitterness only serves to mask.the truth we knew so loNo as we stood together blood in palm .

No visions may intrude upon my silence .

You once knew the pain that was love cross to bare.
Never beg sympathy when you requested the death of this existence .

You are nothing and me something far less .

So shall the door remain closed
Evan Crow Jan 2017
Deception breaths in snakes whom slither as they thrive .
My razor of my thoughts cuts deep yet there is no malice in truth.

Simply the words that bare existance for others to reject .
A slap to the face is harsh no matter your gender i hold no mercy as i ask for none in return.

Respect given to all but i am no stone unwhich to be stepped upon.
The path you care not to travle is best left alone for it will find you just the same .

No battle is foolish just the cause inwhich it stands.
The jaws can **** as easily as embrace tread softly when dealing with these.

It lays silent never dead.
So easily awoken the rage of a demon .thrives in the chaos it all exists within.

Be careful of strangers often disguised as friends.
We only know are true sides within the depths of darkness.

Climbing from the pit many will try to claw there way past to suit there egos lust.

Never allow the weak to poison your hearts well.
In the depths is were we find the stranger that is are own reflection.

Never play with that which you do not understand.

Allow the monsters there isolation.
And all will be as you can never truly understand.

We can never unsee the hells we unlock.
And so be the stars .
Evan Crow Jan 2017
Never let the voice that whispers softly in your ear .
Dictate the direction of your soul.
As in his embrace you find passion but do you know truth?

Make no diffrence between the two.
For a fools logic often allows passion to blur the reallity .

For in blood promises writen agreements seem easy till the price need be paid.

Locked doors will not shield you from a end simply create your tomb .
On full moons and othet dark ocassions often there is light even within the darkness.

Did the promise not live up to the truth my dear.
Did that temptation just seem to sweet to deni .
We can ignore are nature but we are carnal animals just the same.

Death finds us empty as alone we must enter to whatever may be .
Never make promises your not willing to keep.

And so in your demise the whispers softly as they were spoken from a forgotten lovers release .
Were still lies just the same.
Evan Crow Dec 2016
False sense and even more hopless logic.
The meak bleed the dream and the truth exists for the chosen .

Weaknes is a sin and in the darkness he awaits to embrace .
Shunned like you my child why seek exceptance when the cruel torment
And the so called wicked remain silent inspite there action's?

Part of my soul is never anothers to consume i made these steps alone dont give credit to none that have aided your efforts .

Embrace your desires burn in the flames of want and be truthful while others exist within there lies .

The wind holds more truths for it breathes life were hope only lends to help the weak remain.

Never seek acceptance .
The embrace awaits those not blind within heart.

Do not follow and you will never be led astray.
Truth is always the first victim to fear .

Bleed only for your own existance .
I bare no message to the ignorant .
Just a simple slap to the face harder than you may give to me.

Right your own rules before you become a fool for anothers .

Whispers in shadows .
Evan Crow Dec 2016
They speak in riddles snakes who desire your comfort.
Who bleed the foolish to believe in hopes far to great to be anything more than empty promises

The heat lighting promises a storm soon so very soon they will understand .

The night seemed darkest when embraced by thought.
Silent they slither were wolves simply howl.

— The End —