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cynthia Nov 2013
Sweet and serene,
alone but complete.
Deep thinking, sinking
into the music of my soul.

My love stays away
it's sad, but i'm okay.
We do what we must
for a cause, so trust.

We do what we must
for a cause..
I pause.

Could it be that we
live in reverse?
As an effect in search
for a cause.

Should it not be
that we live to effect
the lives around us
the earth and all of nature

Perhaps this is what is wrong
with our Western society,
our obscure perception
of this corrupt projection.

This Western culture,
our political vultures.
The awakening of their deadened prey
is nothing short of forthcoming.

We'll become *Illuminated
educated, Enlightened.
This shell which imprisons us is bound
to break.

So pay attention, Your life, Their lives,
This World
are all at stake.
Justin G Feb 2015
In the light
Shadows are prisoners
And prisoners we are to our shadows
But if shadows could speak
I think they'll say

I am no prisoner
I am a but a listener
I guide the light
and shape
the stars
I am detailed
craftily inked
I am what links
us all

In the darkness*
Our shadows are free
And we are free from our shadows
But if shadows could speak
I think they'll say

I am beyond free
I am everywhere
and omniscient
I shade what most
aren't aware of
I am the protector
The keeper
of all secrets
I am defined
by none*

But if shadows could speak
I wonder if anyone
will still feel lonesome?
Forgotten Dreams Jun 2014
Oh benevolent One,
One who loves us as all over the World
People Suffer.

Today in Uganda women who show any signs of being gay are repeatedly ***** by soldiers

Is that Love?

Lord you omnipotent force...
A force which sits by as wars destroy
People and Places

Up to this day 162,400 innocent people have died in the Syrian Uprising

Is that what you do with Power?

Mighty omnipresent God,
A God which sips on wine in heaven,
While children die due to lack of water...

4000 children die every day, because they simply don’t have access to an adequate supply of clean water

How can you just Watch?

So All Mighty One,
You are no God in my eyes.
If there is a heaven,
I'd rather rot in hell,
Than look that God in the eye...

— The End —