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Max Southwood Aug 2015
I have no love for my fellow man
Tolerate the intolerance of ignorant fools
Petty semantics
It’s dog eat dog
In a world of *******
Devour me and spit out your beliefs
As a hairy ball of vile putrid filth
Worthless, arrogant, miserable *****
Superiority is a complex
But no man is a god, and no god can help
He saw what he created in us
“Monsters of the worst condition”
He gave us the world
But our hearts were selfish
We set out on a campaign of power and lust
Destroying beauty in spite of ourselves
Ashamed with what he made
God left and begged to be crucified
God is dead…
By his wish, and by our own hand
We're going to hell in a handbag.
Forgotten Dreams Jun 2014
Oh benevolent One,
One who loves us as all over the World
People Suffer.

Today in Uganda women who show any signs of being gay are repeatedly ***** by soldiers

Is that Love?

Lord you omnipotent force...
A force which sits by as wars destroy
People and Places

Up to this day 162,400 innocent people have died in the Syrian Uprising

Is that what you do with Power?

Mighty omnipresent God,
A God which sips on wine in heaven,
While children die due to lack of water...

4000 children die every day, because they simply don’t have access to an adequate supply of clean water

How can you just Watch?

So All Mighty One,
You are no God in my eyes.
If there is a heaven,
I'd rather rot in hell,
Than look that God in the eye...

— The End —