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Anna Nov 2019
If I close my eyes- my fears are my keep.
If I stay awake-the voices don't sleep.
My dreams and nightmares merge into one.
       Reality seeps into my safe space.
It's as if this world wants me to break.
I don't know what this world will make.
       I really think this time I'm done.
I really think this time- the thoughts I run from.
The thoughts I leave buried deep; will break through, and drown me in the abyss that is my life.
I am all out of fight.
life drags you down it seeps into every part of your life if you ignore it.
the lost kid Sep 2019
This world is full of liars
Trash talkers
No good doers
And people who will hurt you

But with you they don’t even exist, with you I feel my worries wash away
I feel like this is the last one about my feelings but oh well
M Mar 2018
1. A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
synonyms: group, body, clique, faction

How do you define your community? Does it fit this definition?

My roots run deep in this town.
We have been here too long, yet not long enough.
We all grew up here and everyone knows everyone, but I do not know my neighbors name.
I think that is the problem with this day and age.
The word community has taken on a new meaning.
It tastes sour in our mouths when we say it because it is lost all sense of direction.
We say we seek community, yet it is in small groups, of those we deem worthy and fitting.
We let the homeless and the jobless slip through the cracks.
A tiny town filled with tiny lives.
Lives that are only important to ourselves, yet that is enough.
No one cares about anyone who does not benefit our own importance.
We are a broken people, a fractured community of lost souls searching for individual places in a too small world.  
We feel infinite, but our names have already been forgotten.
Despite our brokenness, our ripped and damaged edges, we are beautiful.
an answer to an application question.
hsc Jul 2017
I have given up on this world.
       But I will never give up on you.
cynthia Nov 2013
Sweet and serene,
alone but complete.
Deep thinking, sinking
into the music of my soul.

My love stays away
it's sad, but i'm okay.
We do what we must
for a cause, so trust.

We do what we must
for a cause..
I pause.

Could it be that we
live in reverse?
As an effect in search
for a cause.

Should it not be
that we live to effect
the lives around us
the earth and all of nature

Perhaps this is what is wrong
with our Western society,
our obscure perception
of this corrupt projection.

This Western culture,
our political vultures.
The awakening of their deadened prey
is nothing short of forthcoming.

We'll become *Illuminated
educated, Enlightened.
This shell which imprisons us is bound
to break.

So pay attention, Your life, Their lives,
This World
are all at stake.
Shruti Atri Jun 2014
This world feels
So foreign to me;
Though I was born in it,
It doesn't feel a part of me.

Give me a reason:
Good enough to stop and see,
What, through optimism,
This world could be.

Tell me of happiness,
And tell me of delight:
That could shine through this darkness,
Like a heavenly light.

Talk to me of love;
And of its virtuous beauty:
That can be felt through jealousy,
And not be borne like a duty.

Speak of the truth,
That guides me through falsehood;
That tells me how life is worth living,
And the living are worth some good.

Remind me of ignorance:
How blissful a mind in its presence can be;
And tell me how imagination,
Can overrule reality.

I ask this not for luxury,
But rather, out of necessity:
For my life has lost its meaning,
And with it, its integrity.

So, this world,
It feels so alien to me;
Though I was born in it,
It doesn't feel a part of me.
I wrote this a while back. I was confused and looking for answers, though I didn't figure anything out...but it was a good vent.

— The End —