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Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, once upon a long time ago there was too much to take:-)

once saw a scene

so mystical for the eyes to charm to sweep

got back after the longs after the years

looked again with a hope of an appeal

lips dried for the moment not the same

close my eyes escapes don't want more shame

breeze so cold for the fog to ****

the thing that made my heart on thrill

never come back no matter how brilliant

them those of the hunters stole old tastes to a different

CrackedMoonboy Apr 2021
One night in the 1970s, in the Mojave Desert, my mother ceases to feel apart from the world.

My mother pays my sister and me $40 each to not have birthday parties.
luneforgi Sep 2020
old memories
are like
broken records
that never stop
screams inside
my mind
every single time

recall the time
when we used to
spent time together
all of them
wouldn't be the same
when we no longer
in the same boat
Harry May 2020
I use to believe that the sky and earth never meets, but then she came and introduced me with the concept of sunset and sunrise.
I was amused by how could something so much complicated can be so much simple.
Everything  stopped as I looked into her eyes, for first time in my life, my watch stoped working.......
and time froze.....
Aaron L Osgood Jun 2019
Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.
When you was my babe and I was your guy.
Wearing matching colors, yeah we was so fly.
Kicks stayed fresh.
As we Expressed.
How Clean We dressed.
No Dirt on mine.
Nike Air Force Ones.
Freshness takes time.
Those moments I sure miss mines.
Just you and I.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.
When we saw each other recently
You thought the same.
Missing me interesting.
You paused....
I saw that look in your eyes.
Caught by surprise.
You gave me a hug.
Then we said our Hello & Hi’s.
As our blood pressure rise.
Overexcited we couldn’t hide it.
I tried to play it cool like how I talk.
I tried to play it smooth just how I walk.
I guess I couldn’t hide it.
Too much excitement.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.
On a social media website we met.
We didn’t know each other but we took a bet.
Exchanged information we were almost a like.
You were more successful but it was you that I liked.
I got to know the person you are even from afar.
Like when I look up to the sky at the stars.
I used to wonder where you are.
Because I wanted to be next to you.
My particular interest was you.
I took that long trip on a bus.
So no more space can get between us.
No more time will intervene us.
They should of seen us.
I met your mom, your little brother, and niece.
Your older sister passed away R.I.P. silently.
You gave me a tour of your life which now is the past.
I understood the situation and the moment we had.
Yes! I’m To Blame. I decided to end it.
The distance was driving me insane.
After spending time with you it wasn’t the same..

Those memory lanes!
It makes us who we are today.
Afia Jul 2018
A shaft from the golden sun,
reclined peacefully in my lap.
The amber gleam reflected back,
and gently baked the solemn land.
An ardent whisper furnished the woods
with a viridescent scent that woke up the woods.
Silver songs of sleek streams,
chased the lullabies away;
Ancient tress cuddled the wind,
their leaves clapped in sheer bliss
The broken winged white eyed bulbul,
warbled hymns to lift the curse.
Scarlet tainted vintage letters resting in the rustic mailbox,
await your tender touch; while they chant for a past long gone.
But lily livered clouds,
they have turned your courage into a yellow illusion.
So now defy the toxic words and the errors you made,
A different person inside your skin, long ago, burned our hearts on the hateful flames.
I look for answers in Nature.
April Jul 2018
Who still remembers how he looks like?
No, it's his cousin who's always in red,
asking everyone to keep calm, and...
He still keeps silent in spite of the fact
that he's fading away in our mind.
(A dangling strand of curly hair
a buttoned up, and earrings which never come at a pair.)

Either traffic or time washes him away,
as no one has ever noticed now his shadow under the sunset
is even longer than the toss-and-turn we once had at nights.
He’s the only one who will be quiet when listening to others
but we just snub/phubs him, and keep passing by.
I saw a payphone while I was waiting for the traffic light at a intersection today. It reminded me of the row of payphones at the hallway in my high school. It was the time when there were no cell phone and Internet, and many people would rush as quickly as they could just to make a call during sessions. I admire that the UK still value their traditional payphones and promote them as tourism attractions, unlike those in my country have been gradually forgotten. I feel kind of sad but can't do anything with it.
X May 2018
It's been a while old friend
How much time has it been since the last
adventure that we had
Do you think we can still create new bonds
or just fade with the memories of the past

I know its never too late to look back
but I wished I should've just took that step
We should be in on it together
Not just only me clutching on to dear faith forever
Flo Apr 2016
Like the songs on the radio
My life became very drab
I am trapped, caged in stability
The unexpected went missing

How I wish the old times back
Excitement, Adventures
No responsibilities tying me down
And every day a new song on the radio
Stability is necessary, security is good
but aren't those the reason we're detaining
ourselves from living life to the fullest?
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