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luneforgi Sep 2020
when you start throwing hate
toward people
you suspect the most
based on
vague evidence

it's not the accused
that had done something off
but you
act childishly
do fact check, don't let hate drive your opinion and perception
luneforgi Sep 2020
old memories
are like
broken records
that never stop
screams inside
my mind
every single time

recall the time
when we used to
spent time together
all of them
wouldn't be the same
when we no longer
in the same boat
luneforgi Sep 2020
life changes
in blink of an eye
everything turn
up and down
in a seconds

give me
time to breath
time to think
time to process
so I can reading
the situation

even the word right
might be never enough
luneforgi Sep 2020
living the life
they said
do what you want
they told
I've tried
and I tired

when you have nothing
but yourself
to back everything up

you feel the pain
and can't share it
because you're aware
how heavy your emotional baggage is
after I realized how many times I tried there must be a differences between those who are supported and those who aren't
luneforgi Sep 2020
it's funny how
every drips of our memories
makes myself more away
than actually is
can we just
back to we were used to

a hint for heartbreak

— The End —