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Mark kenny Jan 14
Protruding tummies enable to hide the excitement still feelings of betrayal fills the air
Tired of this early mistakes who might have taught that sour magic will still be in the air.

The world need more female empowerement we need the queens to grow and shine
Is covid-19 the reason we lost the little trust in ourselves and dimmed our shine.

The future will come in a minute holding on a little longer might need some extra strength
Don't succumb to this heavy business the future might look bleak but keep showing your found new strength.
Didn't want to write at all about covid-19 considering the negative effect it has both emotional and mentally to so many people.

Change is hard, messy but it gets better.
It makes us discover who we truly are when times are hard.
Situations like this also help to forge people into compassionate beings. let's practice to incorporate that Into our daily lives.

Heavy business is centered on teenage pregnancy going around here in the western part of Africa and the increase due to covid-19 and massive unemployment rate.
Mark kenny Dec 2020
Blunts passed around looking for who will pass this round and hope to get a clean paper
Sparks flying high paving a way to stardom making waves in chasing the benjamin paper.

Imagination is filled with too much dark reality that we still refuse to acknowledge
Coming from a different state of mind made growing up for me a race I had to acknowledge.

Nothing beats the race we refuse to handle ourselves running from the reality that present itself
Curled up with a familiar stranger smoking silently hoping a new lonely stoner will recognise himself
Hate is a big word... Let's get rid of negativity by dumping our harsh realities down the drain this year. Embracing positive vibes should be the next big thing.
P.s Compliments of the season from a lonely
Mark kenny Sep 2020
Hoping I achieve more than the ordinary man as I focus more on my daily progress
Life slowing me down with repeated predicaments tuning down my constant progress.

Believing in the power of never relenting as I hold on to the pain that never left
Side by side with my new approach picking things up from the same spot I had to neglect.

But as soon as my new found reality start appearing I start having a similar feeling yet again
The reason nothing seems to fall in place no wonder I am feeling helpless all over again.
A lot of shield covering my inner glow blocking me from who i choose to finally settle for.  A lot of personality hiding under my sleeves as I glance through it once in a while until the melody in my head start to volume down a bit more. A lot to offer but few things to hope for🖋️
Mark kenny Sep 2020
Hoping to clear every obstacles blocking my way shielding who I am meant to become
My clear conscience already becoming more cloudy thinking about the obstacles I would overcome.

A little bit of shadow flickering right through me exaggerating what I have left to offer to the world
Words never seems to make more sense each time I hold my last draft doubting how  I see the world.

So I set out on the long lonely walk hoping this will be the last time I would prove myself
As soon as I take the first bold step I realise my dramatic entrance is the only way to become more of myself.
Don't doubt the mark you can make once the world is right within your grasp hoping you take the leap of faith. Circumstances that shapes us become part of our existence  and in turn makes us unique.
The essential Ingredient needed to standout is how we take what is indeed ours to grasp 🚷
Mark kenny Sep 2020
Tapping my feet each day never minding the restrictions that shields my direction
Dancing to the melody in my head shaking my body in full joy hoping to find a new direction.

Unboxing each puzzle that stay stuck in my head trying to level the mystery in my head
A little bit of fresh air as I take deep breath trying to clear all the problems in my head.

Reminiscing on my past mistakes ticking out the lessons I learnt in regret
Finding my rhythm doesn't mean I won't stop grinding as I stare back at my old possibilities with no ounce of regret.
How well do we actually know ourselves? Pulling each strings in our favor trying to understand how the outcome pays out. Do we smile when things stop going the way it was streamlined in our subconscious. Or just imagine a new possibility that never seems to fade out. The rest is our choice. Keep tapping your feet. You need enough joy to survive🥗
Mark kenny Aug 2020
How do you think the circle evolves and reaches each destination without a glitch
A fair story of how the snake lizard always gets its way without encountering a glitch.

Gesturing winds sounds a fair warning to the lousy four leg roach in a familiar way
Waiting for a strike makes it salivate exposing the purpose it came along the way.

A single cry and the roach is within grasp enjoying a journey of no return
The hungry predator is never full and you can be sure to meet it on your next turn.
Once you see things from a different perspective. Things Start becoming more clearer. Life itself is a lone race and the way we progress is basically how much we can absorb along the way.
So once you take a fresh air to imagine a new dimension remember what never seems to leave our sight which is death.⚰️
Mark kenny Aug 2020
The little talk that counts still makes people less aware.
Can't we go back to the way our gestures made people more aware.

A little "thank you" won't affect your ego but it can help to clear the tensions that come your way.
Why did we forget how the word "please" could change how people can affect our day.

Even the sound of politeness is lost in how we address ourselves this days.
When did society lose it's way even our kids have nothing to learn nowadays.

Back to the small talk who else can justify the structure that is lost in our ways
Too much of little talk already neglected maybe we can include it back in our ways.
Culture was meant to make our essence unique. Not doubting what civilization did to our generation, but on the long run nothing beats what a little courtesy can do... Respect is indeed reciprocal 👀
Mark kenny Aug 2020
Already seeking out an old validation that nothing will go right eventually
Might have another panic attack as I head out pushing out the fear simultaneously.

Asking myself the same questions wondering who has a close answer
I might find what I am looking for eventually  as I get face to face with the real answer.

How we choose to view ourselves has a key influence on how far we progress
Never undermine the potentials that are boundless that enables us to make more progress.

Choosing how we end up eventually is totally based on how we plan yourself out
But why are you still holding on to the small man syndrome don't wait until I call you out.
I still get chills anything I get to that point of no return. I keep asking questions like why can't society stop undermining the man with the true potentials and sing songs of praises to the coward full of confidence. Don't hide In that scared shell forever. You can't dim your light forever🕯️
Mark kenny Aug 2020
How close can they be?
Is the reality the main reason, they let me be?

The way I am been stared at still keeps me from holding on to my new found existence
Always finding my way back in the midst of people who lurk around because of the mystery of my existence.

How come he is superficial and faint hearted?
On a closer look words like "egocentric" and accommodating fuels their hatred.

I still believe they are meant to be a close shave giving me the push I need
But I need to stop writing about them no wonder life crushes every challenges when I am in need.

Ever had some set of people gasping for breathe anything you are in sight?
A new victim of close admirers I really need to shade my energy anytime they are in sight.
A different phase that I soon be with my own found reality. Why am I on the verge of tears as society still struggle to understand what I am made of? Should I still be distant or hold on to the fact that anguish and pain fuels who I am meant to be. I am staring at them on plain sight but the reality I am seeing is sending me back into the illusion that I am truly unique. But we all need each other to thrive because their pain is my fuel while my mystery keeps them anticipating who I want to become 🔜
Mark kenny Aug 2020
Waking up realizing that known outcome will soon  present itself sooner
All road leads to a destination I wish I can conquer the problem sooner.

Another turnoil right within my grasp leaving the possibility out in the cold
So many reasons to hold on to my past ways but scary moments leave me out in the cold.

Ready to act on the information on ground planning out a new strategy
I am in love with my Silent enemies but nothing will make me fall for their new found strategy.
A quick realisation about how the true reality can actually pan out like. A confusing state where nobody has your back but a lot of buzzing shows how the true reality should look like. My new energy is enough for everyone to tap into but nothing beats a silent enemy creeping up on me trying to drain me of my new energy.🎭
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