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Right from the Time of birth
The sounds of people around
The beauty in the nature
All sorts of things around
Inspire Us .
Shaping Us into Who we become.

One person who truly inspires Me

My 91 year old Grand Mother -in- Law
Ex - Principal of Junior Girls College

A Lady of Grit and Grace
Disciplined Organised and Prompt
She Never misses a Birthday Anniversary or any  Special Day
of anyone in the Family
Reminders , none on the  phone
Her Memory , 'As fit as a fiddle '

Still wants to partake of the daily household chores..

One person in the family , whom everyone wants to Emulate and Embrace.

*An Inspiration to one and all in the Family !!
These daily prompts on hello poetry have been inspiring me to write something on a daily basis .
Am not completely satisfied with my write up today . However wanted to keep up with the prompt so posting it anyway .

My Grandmother-in -Law is much more and has more depth to her character and her being than what I have been able to capture in words here .

— The End —