Austin Barker Jan 10

I was lost till I found her
I don't know what I would do without her
She holds the key to the lock on my heart
she and I strength each other we are never apart
a thousand years with here would be just a start
Her and I we stand together
Us against the world us two no others
she is my home my one refuge
she is my one and only moon
I'm her wolf I howl calling to her to show her love
she looks down at me with her bright heavenly smile from above
she comes to me with different changes
i notice them each one at a time
she is my completion of my night
i spend each day with her in silence and waiting
she is my night and day and it all goes without saying
she has my love,strength,power,body,mind,heart,and soul
my life no longer has its old tole

Austin Barker Nov 2017

Single but craving the affection of another
I've had and lost lovers
She was my Princess
Now she is gone and It seems hopeless
I thought I had life figured out
But as it turns out I was just turn about
She was unfaithful
I stand strong and hopeful
She didn't think I was coming home
I was gone for so long
She thought I hated her
I had waited three months to hear her
Three months in what seemed like hell
Now I'm alone it seems as well
I am a Soldier in the war of Love
and I wear my wings from my home above
Well now I'm Loverless
I hope I will find a Princess or she will find me
Maybe she will be with me one more time
I know it sounds dumb and blind to the eye
But she made this Soldier feel at home
and I no longer had to search and roam

Austin Barker Nov 2017

Being away from my life and out of the world's time
I've lost 3 months and i can't take back what's mine
Locked away from who I am
People tried to break me like dawns breaks the sky at 6 am
The people I trusted and loved locked me away
I fought and struggled and won every hour of each day
I'm free from the bonds of America's facilities
and no one can ever stand up and bring down this lone King
I have won the battle and the wars I was thrust upon
Many are still in that place and they await their break in the horizon
My friends and readers of my work I'm back for good
Thank you to all those out there that have been where I have stood

Austin Barker Aug 2017

Anger people say its just an emotion
but they don't realize that anger clouds the mind
it makes a man lose his sense and piece of mind
Anger puts people in danger with a large amount of violence
and I myself have let my anger control me and now its time
I control my own anger the dangerous thing it is
I will kick its ass and not let it make me into my father of my past
i am beautiful and i am strong and i will defeat my emotions and they will always fail
and i will always prevail because i have the motivation to make it through any situation

Austin Barker Aug 2017

She finds a way to make me smile
she doesn't care hold me a while
Miss Paige always finds a way
she is someone that gets me through the day
this lil girl
is my best friend in this world
she tells me I'm not a monster
Miss Paige tells me that she doesn't love any other
she says its okay to cry
Miss Paige wont let me hide
deep inside
Miss Paige is someone ill give up anything for
she is a woman that ill leave my own heart torn
Miss Paige
for her ill my life at least save
until the day she says that i am again something
other then a Shadow or a disappearing thing
i will wait with the patience of a thousand monks
Miss Paige has been given something that never stunts
she has been given something unstoppable
something that people say is impossible
unconditional unending Love
and for me thats a gift thats enough

This poem is an old one that I have been saving and am finally publishing
  Jul 2017 Austin Barker

they say that love finds a way
but mine hasn't
it's in the complete opposite direction
is my love not included?
is my love the wrong kind?
i try and i try
is that where i went wrong?
so many questions and not enough answers

what does it actually mean?
"love finds a way"
a way where?
a way to what?
how does love find anything?
is that where I'm wrong again?
i have so many questions

how will my love find it's way?
to someone else?
to someone better?
to someone who has love that will find me?
what if that love never finds what it is looking for?
then what?
you find love in yourself?
is that where i'm wrong?
i have no answers

when this love that is somehow a noun,
finds this way of love
what then?
you live happily ever after?
everything goes right from then on?
am i wrong?
i have so many questions and no answers

Austin Barker Jul 2017

The thing I've ask for, for so long I've ask for death for me to take my final breathe maybe the world will be better when im laid to rest because life leaves us all hard pressed then there are people like me the overly stressed and constantly depressed everyone leaves behind the person that helped the most that was there when they needed someone the most then they're gone sometimes I'm surprised i made it to the next dawn the people around me don't see that I'm drowning because I always hide it to keep their alarm from sounding and to keep them from surrounding i promised i would never try again at suicide and im still fighting my fight I've earned that right and for those out there just like me find someone to love that promises you theyll never leave they'll just be waiting for you when your ready theyll always be there to hold you steady when the weight if the world gets to damn heavy and it crushes you they'll be the one rushing to you ive ask for death and to be laid to rest but i dont think that would be for the best to have my heart stop inside my chest people depend on me so i believe the world can try an fight me but i have an army behind me if I ever speak that I'm in need now you know part of the darkness inside of me ive bared some of my soul its not white its gray so what do you say

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