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Austin Barker Dec 2019
This life is filled with worry
people always ask me what's so great about your story
What makes you different
Start with the mental finger print
People only see whats on the skin
Hey even I'm guilty of this simple sin
We all judge and judgement isnt bad
Yes judgment can hurt but it doesn't always make you sad
My Life of many ups an downs
60 billion twists an turn arounds
But I won I'm still living
Fighting an owning this love an beat I've been given
Welcome to my life, my world, an my mind
I'm glad to be unique, one an only, one of a kind
I'm back after being gone for over a year I'm back to stay
Austin Barker Feb 2019
I finally found you
you've got my heart singing a different tune
Your name is like the sound of calm falling rain
the sound of your voice an the words you say brighten my day
I know your name and it is unique in its own
You my darling Little Girl have given me a home
You an I stand side by side through the test of time
I saw your smile an took the way you look at me as a sign
I've gotten on one knee
I ask you to marry me
Now we're engaged
I warm your heart with these words i say
I will be with you forver an always till the end of days
Austin Barker Feb 2019
The whisper
The voice use the gun it'll be quicker
I fight this voice for you
This voice screams in my head
It makes me wish i was dead
I will not die tonight
I stand with you an we fight this voice
We beat mine now to be yours
You an me lets close that black door
It takes the nameless
Depression also takes the famous
This virus takes a toll
Sometimes it can even take your soul
Survivors of depression
Take from this a lesson
You're not better alone
As history's shown
Find a person that only you call home
Depression may never go away that's okay but that doesn't mean it gets to win an take the life that you been given.
Find your reason to fight whether a friend or the love of your life don't give up an don't feel as though you must hide. Admit it an stand against it
Austin Barker Feb 2019
I can feel the breeze
I can see the sea
I cant breathe
I stand in the sand
I don't feel your hand
My vision goes blurring I cant breathe
There I lay in the sand
I gasp for air
This body doesn't breathe without you there
The sand is cold
I'm frozen skin to bone
Youre the air I breathe
Till you're home this is how it will be
You're my home <3 home is where i breathe
Austin Barker Feb 2019
Without her i feel souless
She'll be back but i feel hopeless
She is almost home
My heart dropped like a stone
She makes my heart beat right
She the moon in this wolf's night sky
Her name brings so many memories she never fears me
All she does is care for an love the beast
This is for Alexandria Paige Adams she is the love of my life an i miss her an it hurts each day like an ever growing heart attack just a few more days an she'll be home oh i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
Austin Barker Mar 2018
I see her in my dreams
I see her through my tears as they fall in streams
I feel her when I close my eyes
I hear her voice in the dark of all these cold nights
I smile when she crosses my mind out of the blue
I am loyal to her and only her and I'm always true
I'm hers as long as she wants me and I'll never leave
I am her lover, friend, boyfriend, and Demon
I am faithful to her and only her no matter what or where we go
I give her my love, heart, soul, strength, mind, and body
I promise that I live to love and hold thee
I treat her like my Queen and not a play thing
I write for her what I can't voice or sing
I feel like I am nothing when she is gone
I would stay outside her door after a fight till dawn
I am proud to be the one that gets to love her
I yearn to touch and hold her with the love an Angel an Demon share
I fight to be with her through hard times
I will be with her; My Angel; One and only
I decided to get back into writing for all my followers out there sorry that I've been gone for a while. I've been going through some stuff in life but I'm back now
Austin Barker Jan 2018
I was lost till I found her
I don't know what I would do without her
She holds the key to the lock on my heart
she and I strength each other we are never apart
a thousand years with here would be just a start
Her and I we stand together
Us against the world us two no others
she is my home my one refuge
she is my one and only moon
I'm her wolf I howl calling to her to show her love
she looks down at me with her bright heavenly smile from above
she comes to me with different changes
i notice them each one at a time
she is my completion of my night
i spend each day with her in silence and waiting
she is my night and day and it all goes without saying
she has my love,strength,power,body,mind,heart,and soul
my life no longer has its old tole
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