the Gods feared them
and now no can remember them
Kratos rode on one in god of war
but that world was torn
giant beings of the earth
long forgotten in the worlds turn
but now a different people have taken the name
and have replaced what was filled with shame
the are black and white
and together they fight as one
as a team none
stand against these men
The Gods fell because of this name
and still fear it because of the fame it has
but it seems that time has passed
who remembers that name
whose mind
will rewind time
to something ancient
to remember something in lost stasis

She is a mother
she has more children than any other
her care she gives
but for what we do i wonder how she forgives
we take her for granted
but continues to give us chances
Mother Earth
gives birth to our life
she continues to fight
even when everyday she loses yet another light
its time we give what we took
just like our ancestors so long ago in those books
right now humans are nothing but crooks
that includes me
all i want is for the world and its people to be free
and not destroy this world
because she is a big beautiful wonder girl
she is Mother Earth

Austin Barker Apr 20

she loves my calluses
she holds my hands without malice
she likes my hands
but i don't understand why she likes working man hands
she holds them as much as she can
she says i work magic
they also do work that can be tragic
the hands of a working man that's just it
cuts and scars
make my hands what they are

Austin Barker Apr 18

she fixes her hair
and she uncovers her fair skin
she hopes he'll notice these small things
she walks into school and ignores what the other boys think
he sees her and is speechless
she is so gorgeous
he says to all his friends "leave us"
he whispers i see you did something new
she looks into his eyes so blue
he noticed he really does look at her
he whispers that she looks perfect
she burst into tears
he smiles and holds her for what feel like years
she buries her face in his chest
he is the best he know her better than the rest
and he'll never let her go
never let her be alone
to everyone else she is no one
he says that he has made her his choice

Austin Barker Apr 15

When i met her she crashed my world
she was a gorgeous girl
i had no one
but now i see that i was used for just fun
three times i took the bait
three times she made my heart break
to bad that our love was only half way
I'd do anything for her even now
and i watch from the background
my dearest friend came next
and he seems to have it all but not just yet
hopefully when she says the words i love you
they'll completely true
half way love
isn't and wasn't enough
never get caught up in half way love

Austin Barker Apr 15

she says she is weak
but what she does shows how strong she is  
and how wrong those words are
she inspires me
she always has a roaring fire in her eyes
she struggles
but she always is cheered up by cuddles
she blushes every time i wink
but somehow she is weak
nah she is just unique
everyone seems to only see has as meek
but I've seen her in a truer light
she showed me how to see that way
because she saw the monster i am
and she stayed just the same
she didn't run away like others
she became a lover
she is unique and like no other

Austin Barker Apr 14

fill with war
a country so torn
soaked with bloodshed
the ground is hollow with dead
we stole their people
we came and made an evil
haven't these country enough
they have no one
and we haven't paid for what our ancestors have done
it's time to take a stand
and for America to understand
keep their word
and stop these needless wars

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