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Thorns Nov 2018
I haven't seen her in years
My shining star
My guiding light
My happiness
My remise
My angel
She saved my life
I have nothing more to say...
faith autumn Sep 2018
I swear I saw
Your face in the stars
Illuminating my world
In the darkness of the night,
A celestial presence upon me.
I thought maybe the heavens
Had taken you back
But as you pulled me closer to you
I was brought back to ground
On Earth,
In the presence of an Angel.
Trina Apr 2017
I'm sitting here mystified, numbed with pain
To lose someone so close, yet so far away.
Some say you can't lose something you never had.
If that is true, then how can I feel this sad?
I felt more close to you
More than i have to anyone else around me
Because I felt you so deep within me.
So small, and innocent no eyes to see
Yet so full of golden life was felt already.
Disbelief and uncertainty consume my brain
As the tears fall like rain.
my Heart pounding hard, feeling like thunder.
The sorrows and guild down under just can't be explained
"Does he know how much I love him?"
"Dose he know how sorry i am to never hold him?"
I already miss him, I'd do anything to kiss him,
To hold him and embrace the presence of him
to one day touch his skin in the solft clouds above
I can only hope for one of these days
ill be with him again and hold my angle
only some will understand what this is about this happend to me a couple of years ago
Niket Sep 2016
It's my life which has your glow
Simmering every day when you show
Your face which is like snow
Soft and beautiful like the flowers as I blow

I want you back cause you're my hero
My angel who removes me from sorrow
To whom I can never say no
Together we'll live furrow

But it seems that you don't need me
Pain I have suffered is to the chore
I wanted more
But you went away before I counted four

I need you back
Or I'll again lose myself
I'm ready for your whacks
and ready to eat all you're snacks
brandon nagley Sep 2016
(Greek version)
Eínai énas pylónas;
sto naó tou Theoú.

Aftí eínai dikí mou flitzáni;
Tha xecheilísei me agápi.

Eímai geráki tis;
Tis aftí eínai i dikí mou peristéri.

Eínai dikó mou ángelo;
fterotó éna parapáno.

(English version)

She is the pillar;
In the temple of God.

She is mine cup;
I overflow with love.

I am her falcon;
Tis she's mine dove.

She is mine angel;
Winged one above.

©Brandon nagley
©Earl Jane nagley dedicated(agapi mou)
©Lonesome poet's poetry
Mine- means ( my) archaic form.
Tis- it is
Crysta Gingras Jan 2016
My angel
Won’t you sing your sweet song
Fly with me far
And stay all night long
I’ll hold onto you tight
Wrapped in your wings like snow
And everything will be right
Until one of us must go
I’ll see you again
We’ll gambol and descant
Remember until then
It is my heart you enchant
My heart you have won
So angel
Sweet angel
Know you are the One.
Good morning my Angel
Crysta Gingras Jan 2016
My angel
My angel
Please fly down from your heaven
And bless me with your beautiful glow
With your wings unclipped
Your hair in a fit
And your dress complete with a bow
May you bless me with your presence
And fill me with delight
Let me breathe in your essence
And wrap my arms around you, tight
Pulling you close into me
Between us, no longer space
Savoring this sweet embrace
Face to face we will finally be
My arms wrapped around you
Yours wrap around me
And together, though close
We are finally free
Good Morning my Angel

— The End —