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Niket Apr 2019
You never know
when suddenly it becomes the last time we speak
7 years is a long time you know
Slowly and suddenly making us weak.

I always wanted more
You always wanted happiness
Down the line our friendship became sore
My mistakes became a reason for your sadness

I might go cringe sometimes
But it’s who I really am
Talking to each other at night times
Our text messages doing a jam.

I truly apologise for everything.
Niket Jan 2019
It happens to us a lot,
Friends from back in time,
Talking again what ?
Friendship tied in knot.

Long time no see
Probably one day
You like coffee
I like tea
Drinking beside the sea.

Loved talking to you
Out of the blue
Didn’t have a clue
Whether it was you.

Happy half birthday !!
Niket Oct 2018
Small smile
Simple dress
Single thought
A simple life that’s all I want.

Small fingers
That hold onto you
Small family
A simple life that’s all I want.

A simple life which is not simple to have.
Niket Oct 2017
Have u felt the power surge beneath yourself
Have you ever felt what is it like to rule the world
The world which has always made you feel weak
The world which has always made you feel sad about you're surrounding
Lemme tell u something the world can be at your footsteps
All u need to do is ask
But remember the world is not enough!!
Niket Mar 2017
Life long dreams comes tonight
When dreams are nothing but shining light
Under city of stars
Up till  the Mars.

Dreams aren't ambitions
They are stories
With powerful notion
Of satisfaction .
Niket Jan 2017
There's something i need to tell you,
Lips reek of purple hue,
Mildness brought in through color hue,
Can i Leave this room?

Your an angel in disguise,
the depth of his eyes,
dust and smoke rise,
Beneath the winter cold ice,
Reigned supreme bittersweet  vice.
Niket Dec 2016
Imagination and innovation
Is something new
Combined form imagivation
Thus imagivation is the new black
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