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1. Take care of your teeth and gums
Brush & floss, everyday (Seriously)
Keep your teeth, if at all possible.
They are your very own precious Ivory.
2. a. Eat well. Do not deny your body
nourishment. Gals, you will want a nice
set of *****. Trust
b, Try to not put on too much extra weight.
(no judgement here) Just that it is very
******* your body. Ridiculously
difficult to lose when you're older.
3. Love the skin you live within.  Try not to
bake your bareness too long in the sun,
or burn your precious epidermis.
Cleanse, exfoliate. Most of all, drink plenty of water and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
4. Hang on to all of your bones.
You will miss them when they are gone
Take care of your hands, neck, hips and knees.
Once your joints wear out, it's a total ******.
5. Keep movin' and groovin'.
If you stay still too long, you will get stuck
6. Find the humor in everything. It is there!
All of life's lessons placed before you.
When all else fails, you can laugh about it.
(Trust Me. Your going to need this one)

~Christi Michaels~May 2015~
Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.
☆Retrospective☆Sage Advice☆
all information learned by trial and error
Born May 2014
"It's a robbery",a top policeman says on my car radio,and reassures folks that this will be over preety quick.

I step on,it is the longest 30minute drive of my life.

"My wife and daughter are in there," I plead with the soldiers in the din of gunfire

"Baby pick it up" I whisper countless times,holding my phone to my ear. I punch redial. Nobody answers.

I am John Doe.husband.father.freaked out.

I am not a curious onlooker. My two reasons for breathing are in there. I will camp here as long as it takes.

my wife and daughter need me.

I am John Doe. for a miracle

I have not eaten for two straight days. I cannot. No father can stuff while his two sweetest things are eating the bread of sorrow

My daughters babyish innocence will make my wife stronger.I am convinced

My little girl had the Arsenal "love" to turn terrorist into evangelists.

We are all Jane,John Doe's.affected. broken. Shaken.Trying to live.exist
this     is for every victim of terror attacks, worry-less
Fah Apr 2014
Emptiness is full
frothing at the edges
come bowls of sea foamed , rich tone
of wave

undulating shores
of invisible islands , that form in the space around the music.

Materializing are the friendships of harmony -

close knit fantasies
ring out in each layer
a mystical magical movement - vibration

emanating for all to share

dive deep

into the domains  of the  wordless , formless
Yummers in Dreamspace !! A combination piece with singing bowls being played by  a dear friend !

— The End —