eF 6d
I ran out of breath,
Trying to chase
I hate trying to consider myself a poet/writer.
eF Apr 23
They all want to know
What my story is but don't
Take time to read it.
Calling yourself a friend only helps YOU sleep at night.
eF Mar 19
Crowded yet alone.
Searching for a place called home,
Forever to roam.
Ever feel like you just don't belong?
eF Mar 13
Always scared to speak.
Feels easier to blend in,
Than to be unique.
eF Mar 13
A man of few words,
Whose thoughts often get misheard.
Loving the absurd.
Not everyone is the same.
And that's ok.
That's a positive thing.
Yet most frown upon it.
  Mar 13 eF
Poet is a person of few words
Truly marvelous.
Idk you personally but i loved your poems. They ring with truth of yours and the world
Write moreeeeeeeeee
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