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eF Apr 10
I wished to die every day this year,
And every single day my wish never came true.
Happy Birthday to me I guess.
I really don’t want to be here anymore.
eF Feb 13
I gave you the shirt off my back,
And I watched you buy a coat.
You told me it was cold,
And left me naked in the snow.
I just want my shirt back. It’s the least you could do.
eF Feb 8
Feels monotonous
Searching for glimmers of light
In such a dark world.
I’m a ray of sunshine,
Surrounded by dark.
Spreading light,
Hoping it’ll reflect.
Only leaving,
Me upset.
eF Feb 8
I give myself,
I give it all.
You never notice,
No one ever does.
It’s like the more I give,
The more you’ll take.
The more I love,
The more you hate.
I’ll most likely delete this. It’s not my norm.
It seems like pointless rambling. Just need to stop bottling it up before I explode.
Sorry. Hope you enjoy.
eF Feb 2
I’m misunderstood
Like torn and scattered pages
From a lengthy book.
I’m not sure if everyone is just vanilla.
Or if I see the world too openly.
But I’m constantly getting put into boxes I don’t feel I ever belonged to be in.
eF Jan 10
Your eyes, they stop time.
Wondering if it happens
When you look at mine.
One day I’ll write more than 3 lines.
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