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Pen Lux  Feb 2015
Pen Lux Feb 2015
relationship vacation

love trials // take one (year)

relationship inflation

loves cost // takes two (people)
Nellie 55  Mar 8
Merp merp
Nellie 55 Mar 8
If i grow up I'm a not let go of these bills
Get a new vibe and enjoy cheap thrills
Don't want to be criticized
Raise a drink to the night sky
Shine with some stars tonight
Hoping to do good and be alright
I swear the voices hold me back
But **** that I'm a do better
Write depression a darker letter
Maybe attempt to be less antisocial
Hang with stranger and give it my all and make sure I'm not local
Is it strange to open up to a stranger
I mean I'm not in danger
I love hearing life stories
Its like watching a movie in your head
I'm ready to enjoy new journies and would live to get out of debt