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Grace Thaba Jan 7
There’s more where that came from
A bleeding heart was only the start,
The tears you cried late up at night,
Sad songs you sang till the morning rose,
Not that you’re weak-but let them continue to speak,
Had your heart broken and your love taken for granted,
Wore a smile every morning and faced the world even when deep down you wanted to pour out your heart and hope it eases the pain,
There’s more where that came from
I’m talking about your fierce,
Your ability to carry the whole world on your shoulders while making it look easy,
Let she be celebrated for her admirable super powers,
For she’s a superwoman
Zywa Mar 2019
It is my destiny
to be a female knight
awakened in a dark tomb
my soul draws drops of deep sea
up from the earth

to a fountain of love
that lifts me up to float
to the light

It is my destiny
to be a female knight, young
without blemishes on my soul
that is waiting in me
for reports of a distress

which is too bad
to check off unseen
I must take action

It is my destiny
to be a female knight, I intervene
and reverse the chances
furiously, with superpowers
of good will
Inspired by “Tristan's ascension” (2005, Bill Viola)

Collection “The migration”
Nilsa Lopez Jan 2018
She wakes up every morning opening those big eyes, those bright eyes, and she immediately put on her super girl cape getting ready to face the day. Oh, man, she is better than Superwoman and Superman together, she is the super girl with teenage power and stuff rocking her own world. One day she wears a dress, the other she wears jeans and converse, but that’s not the point… The point is she wears HOPE, and nowadays H.O.P.E. stands for: Hold On, Pain Ends.
Fragment of a letter written to my niece.
RoyHal Oct 2017
She rocks her cape with dignity
An air of quiet that leaves many in awe
Her hands itch at the sound of a battle cry
Her guilty pleasure;proving CANT is a myth.
She munches  daily on impossible
And looks in awe as the inches of self sacrifice bulge at her waistline.

After all she's been through
Though  deemed legendary
Arms toned with the weights of men she has been lifting
Her breast perfect pillows for the weary
Her eyes as round as the globe
Superwoman never learnt
You cant carry the world quite well
If your spine is cracked with the need of being saved as well
MG Apr 2016
you are the single most difficult thing
i've ever had the curse of caring for

you're confusing and secretive and indecisive and insensitive
and the way you treat me, no one ever deserves to be treated

and at one point i fell hard
so so hard
yet i knew that they were just games
but why did it seem like i could never win?

it frustrated me like hell
because when i compete, i win
what the hell made you so special
that you could beat me in every single battle?
that i was willing to lose the war to you?

then i became angry
i wanted to take sweet revenge
my heart became cold
and it yearned to break yours

...or I thought it did

you're like that stray piece of hair
that never seems to stay where it should
you dont know where you stand in my life
yet you still barge in like you own it

and up to today i ask myself
why do i let you?

you are nothing great
you are nothing special
you are nothing
to me

and i know that i'm probably lying to myself
but you should know that although im a superwoman
whom you're stupid not to love
i'm getting tired too
and you, my kryptonite,
i will soon be immune to
because darling
i think i'm finally tired of loving you
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
Look into my eyes
They widen and glisten
I can show you the elders’ cries
Through sight, you must listen

Take my hand and walk
Soles silently cringe
Walk on but no talk
What you see is a matrix fringe

Curl your fingers together
Feel the icing on the tangible
Clear your throat, it’s fever
Of frill and lust, the dispensable

Can you see?
Can you hear?
Can you feel?
Speak with yourself –
It is no super than I.

The whispers from the moon
From rabbit’s supper to a drone
Akin to a butterfly from a cocoon
Echoes the sound of ‘Om’

Take a seat, float, know tranquil
Look behind, in front, anywhere
The silence is what remains still
Though entities exist everywhere

Can you see?
Can you hear?
Can you feel?
Speak with yourself –
It is no super than I.
Pallavi Jul 2015
God made Eve and she is the testimony,
Of what Eve could herself be
The smile on her face, zillion emotions in disguise
The twinkle in her eyes,
only speaks of love no lies

A mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife and her roles multiply,
But dare come a moment when she is out of time,
Keeping her world at the back she always moves ahead
She will laugh and she will cry,
She will burn and she will light up the fire

If only we could be possibly be an inch tall of her will that has no heights,
We would have still given up trying after some time

One Super Woman she is,
an epitome of how godly Eve can be
Thousand tributes may fall short,
but you'll never be less of words
Having one like her in your life,
And you may be writing this again the nth time!
Rabiya Zafar Jan 2015
He was gone .. with the desolation the disaster had bought. Her heart had poured out along with the numbness flowing in the veins leaving her pale.                            
taking away the felicity ,she is best known for, like the waves those erase the footprints alongside the shore,Washing away the long walks of joy. Dessension along the years in cold, did not bring back her smile                                    
But it did make her a superwoman he always said she was.
© Rabiyazafar
Elizabeth May 2014
Today I am superwoman,
I go to three jobs, one meeting, two classes
I wear five hats throughout the day.
I got those lovely eyebags as my trophy.

By being superwoman I accomplish anything,
everything that they told me I couldn't do.
I wanted to be in student government...
the popularity vote told me no but I showed them
I could do that too. They said you can't have everything
and here I am sitting with it all.

In this day of superpowers
I fly from class to job to job to job to meeting to home
but I am the most human today.

I laugh in the face of my fears of failure because I have already gotten on the road to success.
I cry because even I am entitled to a good cry every once in a while.
I am cranky because it evens out the crazy bubblyness that I always am.
I radiate happiness although I am drowning in work
I support and lean on those around me causing a tangled connection of love

In every capacity I am me, happy, sad, lethargic, energized, hyper, lost, leading.

In every Wednesday, I remember that my humanity all in itself makes me just as super human as the next girl or guy.

— The End —