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Love me with your words


Sample me in your poetry

Take your heart out of your chest and give it to me, serve it on a page

Sign it with your name

Speak to me so I can understand

Love me with ink on your hands
We are the same creature
With language gap
Of expressing
What do we feel
I’m whispering words to his ear
While he’s doing things
That I can't hear

He's cold as winter
While I'm coming
As fast as spring
That chase winter away

He's as smooth as a calm sea
While I'm the tempest
That crippled the wave
In sailor's night

We are giving
Each one of us
A part of ourself
That's fragile
Easily broken
Foolishly hoping
No damage will be taken

So many differences between us
And there will be obstacles ahead of us
I took a chance
Without any second glance
To believe
For what we had
What shared
Were real

So then
When the honeymoon phase
Is driving away
Our true colour start to ablaze
Every single day
Deep down there
We still have a reason to stay
It's getting hard during the day we are being apart, hang in there a lil more, Garwa.
milaine Aug 2020
If that's love, I don't want it.
If we argue everyday
about minuscule money problems,
I don't want it.
If you're gonna lie to me in order to "make me feel better",
I don't want it.
If even after I accept your flaws you disrespect me,
I don't want it.
If I'll never be the only chick as opposed to the side or main chick,
I don't want it.
If I'm always giving and never receiving,
I don't want it.
Especially when you know
my love language is receiving.
ATILA Feb 2020
i.     He calls me sunshine.
ii.    He hypes up my pictures.
iii.   He reaches me every day.
iv.   He tries to speak in my favourite language.
v.    He absolutely knows how to flatter me with love.
vi.   He spams me with morning and night wishes.
vii.  He still makes time for me out of his packed schedule.

Best of all, he is **** serious with his life vision with me.

— seven things I thought they wouldn’t happen to the insignificant me, before you serendipitously came into my life.
I seem already fall in love with you.
Elah Naldo Dec 2018
it's ironic how love is a fleeble thing yet it feels so heavy when it comes to you. i love you in sighs heaving out on my lips. i love you in glances i take when you're out the door. i love you as i swallow lumps that form in my throat. i love you the most in the smallest gestures of your actions, when you absently thread your fingers between your hair, when your tongue ran over from one corner of your lips to the other, when you squint your eyes when you read details in small font. i love you silently. i love you with distance i will never know how to minimize. i love you in ways in which you don't pay attention, in moments when your thoughts wander as you stare into an empty space. maybe that's why even though you're close, you're still so far away because i keep saying that i love you in inaudible whispers until they form a love letter in the back of my mind, hoping you could read it someday.
J-J Johnson Dec 2018
My grandpa
             Words he gave
                            To me once upon a full moon
“Son” he said
            “When you go into this life”
“Remember, that love is a language “
             “So find, my son, find someone”
                     “Who speaks your language “
      “So you don’t have to translate your soul”
Pyrrha Aug 2018
I often ask myself why I spend so much time learning another language
Why do I obsess and stress over something by my own will?
What do I have to gain, why do I want to teach and translate this foreign tongue?

Yet every night I force new words into my mind
And it makes me feel so calm and distracted
All my fears and concerns fade away as I take this information into my brain
I see nothing but beauty in every character I write so much so that I often write in the wrong alphabet
To me it's the most perfect and beautiful script
It's like riding a bike for the first time everytime I translate in my mind
The culture and language has found its way into my heart

I've fallen in love with the language like you do a person
Slowly, then all at once
Without understanding at first but slowly uncoiling the wonderful beauty before my eyes
I've found my passion and my saviour all at once
There is power in words which spawn from language
Every new term I learn makes me feel just that much stronger
Enough to feel invincible
I've been self teaching Korean for a year and plan to become a translator and/or an english teacher in South Korea. Once I master Korean I plan to learn Japanese. Learning languages comes so naturally to me that it only took one day for me to memorise Hangul and from then on out I knew where my calling was. I'm also fluent in french and ASL.
Your choice of words,
And how you say it,
Can make or break my day.
But you know that.
Harsh, cold, sweet, gentle.
E Copeland Jun 2015
I think I hear "I love you" way more often than I think, it's when he gets up in the middle of the night and brings me back a drink.
It's, "do not wake her up, yet" and "honey, go back to bed"
It's how he sits in front of me and wipes away every tear I shed.
It's how he kisses me so sweetly every morning before he leaves and returns to do the same thing every single eve. 
He cuddles up to me so neither one of us will get cold and then he starts of sentences with "so when we are old..."
I think I hear "I love you" more often than I know
It's in the little things, like him watching all my shows. 
It's when we go to eat and he picks my favorite place. 
And how he knows my mood just by looking at my face. 
I think I hear "I love you" in fact, I know I do.
I just hope he never has to wonder if I love him too.
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