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Was it a destiny
Or a coincidence?
To cast away
Womb of hope
Little by little

Till zeal is lost
Till the faith is blur
Till numbness felt
Till heavy breaths
Till one is cold
When nothing repairs
And the soul is dead

Little by little
Nothing remains
No one to blame
And the Time said
I will never be
The same
With emptiness
Genre: Dark Abstract
Theme: When nothing matters
darkcloud Mar 2019
tears fall like daggers
my skin- dry and ripped;
the sweat drips differently
and the blood flow slows.
patience and positivity keeps the wheels turning,
but there is a breaking point on the horizon.
soon i will stand up to depression,
but for now,
i sit and wait.
going through a couple things and i want to get my message across through poems. to those who are struggling, i hope to reach out to you through my work. enjoy.
Nikita Jun 2015
Take one for this
Take one for that
Your mind isnt in bliss
Yet as flat as a mat

You cant think clearly
Everythings in a blurr
I almost fainted nearly
I thought pills were meant to work?

Rush in
Rush out

My head is felt feeling dazed and confused
As though drugs are my only muse

Cant think
Cant write
Cant listen
Cant fight

Feeling like a vegetable
But people dont understand
Because to them
They just think its all in my mind.
At least this is better than anxiety.
A-S Feb 2014
While the wind is blowing,
in my face,
my small brown curls,
get out of place,

I hope my worries,
would go with the tears,
Hoping an angel will help me,
to overcome my fears.

That angel,
could be me.

Dark Jewel Jun 2014
The world blurs,
As the storm clouds my vision.
I struggle to stand straight,
I cant stand at all...

My breathing is shallowed,
My head is seeing double..
What is this?
Why am I weak?

Stand... Straight..
I cant see...
This world is spinning,
All around me..  

True poem....

— The End —