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Maria Etre May 2018
White slates
blank plates
isolate ....
let's relate
let emotions
risky stakes
who cares
let's ...
before it's too
Tessellate: decorate (a floor or pavement) with mosaics
I guess it's true,
People change when they walk away,
I pray you prove me wrong.

~Rober van Lingen
hazem al jaber Apr 2018
Let's own night ...

sweetheart ...
it's an especial night ...
with an amazing candles ...
to gather lovers ...
as me and you ...
to feel from one the other ...
the warm breathes ...
within our warm chest ...
to make a sweet love ...
while candles's blaze ...
dances as our bodies ...
with crazy desires ...
as we are ...
me and you ...
to get a happiness ...
while me making ...
this crazy love ...

let's own our night ...
every night ...
night just for a one night ...
because i love you ...
i'm not a one night ...
as i will be for you ...
all nights ...
and with you only ...
my sweetheart ...
i can find myself ...
because you are with me ...

come babe ...
my sweet one ...
and the especial one ...
whom own my feelings ...
and got my desires ...
come let's own this night ...
me and you ...
among our candles ...
in our sweet warm bed ...
to make what we both need ...
what we feel to each other ...
to make our craziness ...
as we never did before ...

yes my sweet angle ...
i want to be your night ...
to make love with you ...

hazem al ...
She said those words
'Let's be friends'
If I never hear
those ******* words again
I swear to God
it would be too soon
Comical words
invoking cartoon
characters that are
kooky and dumb
Because that's where
these filthy words are from

You must take me for a wide-eyed naive
Or an escapee of the mentally insane
ward of a prison or "hospital"
or whatever politically correct term it's called

You can take your friendship
and shove it up your ***
I know,
I'm sorry
Such a statement has no class
It's crass
But I don't give a ****
I'm angry right now
For a moment
I had hope
You got back in somehow

I built such sturdy walls
grand and tall
Made you stand outside
Press that intercom button to call
Kept you at a distance
But time turns scar tissue dull
You smiled and you waited
Baited me into a lull

We'd hang and talk
You'd smile and laugh
Hours upon hours
the time would pass
So comfortable; So easy
Something others don't have
Thoughts and dreams start again
But Nope,
Sorry! Too bad!

A forgotten feeling
Also an ember burning deep
High hopes birth expectations
That you did not want to meet
'It's just complicated right now'
Some ******* that you say
Oh! Okay! That makes everything better now

You were just being honest
Saying how you felt
It was me with the problem
A hand of cards that were self dealt
All the work I had done
The counseling and the meds
Heart-to-heart talks
Many books I have read
Feeling so confident
but overconfident I was
Unaware of the noise
A teeth shattering buzz
Blindly I stood
with the answers there for me
Head in the sand
Look away; don't want to see

You cast your spell
spelling danger to me
Who is this stranger
standing before me?
I can't stand the pain
A fire inside
can not be tamed
Turn in fear; Run and hide
Standing on my brain
Ferocious creature
Your talons slice and maim
Submissive student for my teacher

My entrails ripped out
Further entailed
A slow disembowelment
Entangling sails
Organs on sale
Detailed disembodiment
Pipe *****'s funeral march
Start understanding what you meant

'Only fools love'
you said to me once
Thought I knew what you meant
Had an inkling or a hunch
But not a ******* clue
is the sad, sad truth
Your forked-tongue spit it's venom
Words used to sooth

Mask after mask
you pulled from your face
Never the truth
Confused in a daze
You grasped with tentacles
Ensnared with your web
Lies are your candy
I was endlessly fed

My mind a toy
Not anything more
My heart for your consumption
***** kept in a drawer
Rip me apart
Please tear me down
Your never-ending heartache
I'll choke in and drown

Under your foot
Under your thumb
An insect; A maggot
Piece of dirt; Lowly ****
What am I now?
What have I become?
What was I to begin with?
A child on the run
Running with fear
You made my heart run
Mouth running had your ear
My torture was your fun

Should I call you a '*****'?
Smear your name? Shout out '*****!'
Would that equal out the playing field?
Somehow even the score?
Playing games, put on pause
Maybe save for later
But there's no saving this time
Tend each need; I am your waiter
Forever I'll wait
so endlessly I am waiting
Madly love you
Yet for me, I am hating

Thunderous booms
The sky streaked with light in veins
War is raging all around us
and in the balance we remain
Here I remain
even though there's no balance
Must be insane
Have me committed to this mess

You are a jigsaw puzzle
with half completed pieces in my mind
The rest of it a jumble
The other pieces I can't find
The nervous dog who is confused
I follow your commands
Unfulfilled, I'm simply used
Didn't go the way I planned

Now to me you speak
as you tell me so much more
of the textbook cliche nonsense
Told a million times before
You feign heartfelt sincerity,
interest and concern
Who you care for is a short list
It's as if I'll never learn

There was a version that before
was living at one time I think
But nothing in this life is free
As rain pours down, in mud we sink
So proudly I strut and adorn
my stunning hand-made concrete shoes
The complimentary attire
fitting all the bad I choose

Now frozen here
as I am kept
unkempt in this very dark place
Place marker for my maker
Without a mark
An unmarked
Written: March 8, 2018

All rights reserved
why would you be climbing
if there wasnt
other side

she was singing
we could tell
she was
to ******
to under
would you be climbing

why are you climbing
oh the woe
from the
don't hate me because im beautiful

who're and who're
are not

psychosis ponders osmosis

how smart are you really

i really like your face
from what we can see
you have beautiful cheek bones
i want to watch
to me

i want you to let me
sleep next to you
to me

take off all your clothes
let me read you *****
just let me stare
you are

you are so stunningly beautiful
you have taken my heart's breath away
please please please

who started
Imran Islam Nov 2017
Let's all work together
and build a world where
no one is starving
no one is homeless
Everyone is like a friend
Everyone is like a brother
We will feel pain together
if someone gets hurt
when someone feels helpless.

Let's all love each other
And build a world where
no one will hate
nothing is loveless
Everyone likes their beloved
Everyone likes their mother
We'll be successful forever
if someone gets pleasure
when someone feels happiness.

Yeah, let's all leave behind
a better world
to our nation
We should leave behind
a better feature
for our children
That can only be achieved
by ending war
and joining together
to work, together!
Let's be all together!!
hazem al jaber Dec 2017
Let's sip ...

let's sip together ...
from each other's eyes ...
as we sip our coffee...
with every new day ...
let's sip together ...
to dive one the other ...
into my see's eyes ...
til we reach both ...
so deep there ...
into one other's heart ...

sweetheart ...
let's sip each other's eyes ...
to see there inside ..
the beauty which we feel ...
which we need to see ...
there into our souls ...
where the beauties are ...
inside me and you ...

the beauty may ****** the eyes ...
but the beauty soul ****** the heart ...
as we both my angel ...
saw what we both got inside ...
the beauty of our souls ...

so , sweetheart ...
don't ever show your heart ...
it's shown within your eyes ...
i swear that i see ...
it beats as the bright ...
however i look deeply ...
inside your eyes ...

let's keep sipping ...
as we every morning ...
together sipping our coffee ...

good morning my love ...

hazem al ...
Anne Webb Jul 2017
we shape our sorrow
according to what we read
in the newspapers
saying what we think
thinking what we mean
lazy in the sunset
tired in the dark
flying in the streets
falling in the sky
upside down
dawn of light
caresses the face
it drew on the pallets
of the painters it threw
out into the streets
because now we want something else
something they can't give us
for nothing is the same
as it used to be
right or wrong
we don't know anymore
we can't
so stop the world
stop the planet spinning
let us go back
back to the beginning
when it all started
and it may start again
or it may not
who knows
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