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Katlynn Newell Jan 2019
Lets talk
Lets talk about what happened
Lets get the ugly details
Lets talk about it
Like talking is going to be doing me any good
Lets talk about how that made you feel while I type away on my computer and repeated questions more than once because I'm not actually paying attention
Lets talk about it though
Lets talk about the ****** knife
Lets talk about the grip he had on my throat
Lets talk about my head hitting the tile floor when I passed out
Lets talk about how hard his fist felt against my face
Lets talk about it
If you were listening you wouldn't be able to talk about it with me
But lets go on
Lets talk about the night I felt like I lost everything
Lets talk about how he pinned me down
Lets talk about how he spit in my face and laughed while I cried
Lets talk about what happened next
but that's just too uncomfortable for you
Lets talk about it though
I'll talk about it
I'll talk about the smell of his cologne mixed with the smell of *** on his breathe in my face
I'll talk about how hard his hands dug into my wrist
Lets talk about it
He grabbed me with a threat
His tongue sharpened with the names of my sisters just a couple blocks away
I got in
so I was asking for it
all that *******
Tears coming from my eyes didn't bother him because nothing bothered him other than me not listening to his every instruction
His every demand
He claimed his words were the gospel
And I was sinning
Only he was the devil himself sitting in front of me
I was abused and I can talk about it
I'll talk about it
The hard stuff is over now
But lets talk about it while I answer a few phone calls but don't worry I'm listening
I'll talk about it but your not listening
Iman Rashid  May 2014
Give In
Iman Rashid May 2014
Lets give in to blissful death,
And never see this day again,
Let's give in to faithful lies,
And smile as we die.

Lets give in to raining eyes,
And be buried under dark skies,
Lets give in to a goodbye kiss,
One that we won't miss.

Lets give in to smiles,
Walking in the sun for miles,
Lets give in to ocean waves,
And count the blue warm days.

Lets give in to soft skin,
And meet lips with sweet sin,
Lets give in to death looks,
And hide with in lost books.

Lets give in to shadowed faces,
And run away to far off places,
Lets give in to mountain cliffs,
And jump into water riffs.

Lets give in to bottles of sand,
And sit on blood soaked land,
Lets give in to trees so green,
And starve to get bodies of lean.

Lets give in to blossoming seeds,
And live without any need,
Lets give in to songs of love,
And embrace that we'll have none.

Lets give in to beds of rock,
And hide in cabins with locks,
Lets give in please I beg,
I don't want to live again.

Lets give in to words of fake,
And drown in dark cold lakes,
Lets give in to moonlight skies,
And accept our fate to die.

Lets give in to child's laughter,
And go to the hereafter,
Lets give in to stopping our breaths,
And finally lay completely dead.
Adam Omar  Dec 2020
Adam Omar Dec 2020
Ramadan is here,
so lets all fast,
it's the ninth month of the year,
lets make it last.

When you see the Ramadan Moon,
up in the sky so bright,
you need to get ready,
to pray all throughout the night.

Now that Isha has passed,
lets get up in congregation,
to pray Taraweeh,
with the Muslim nation.

Ramadan is here,
so lets all fast,
it's the ninth month of the year,
lets make it last.

The first ten days are upon us,
so we need to avoid what's wrong,
keep good intentions,
all day long.

It's the middle days now
when there's things to buy and your phone rings,
don't let these worldly matters,
distract you from doing the right things.

Ramadan is here,
so lets all fast,
it's the ninth month of the year,
lets make it last.

Now it's the last ten days,
lets stay in the mosque for long,
lets do may good deeds,
and avoid what is wrong.

Lal a tul Qadr is upon us,
it's the Night of Power,
let's start praying the Allah(subhanawataallah),
throughout the night for every hour.

Ramadan is here,
so lets all fast,
it's the ninth month of the year,
lets make it last.

Ramadan isn't forever,
so lets do what is right,
avoid doing bad,
with all our might.

Ramadan is here,
so lets all fast,
it's the ninth month of the year,
lets make it last.
Lolo Skai  Nov 2019
Lets Pretend
Lolo Skai Nov 2019
Lets pretend we are happy.
The golden sun rays are bouncing off the sidewalks
the children are playing hopscotch on those side walks,
carrying red balloons in their laughter and brightly coloured rainbows are painted across their faces.
Lets pretend the weather isn't changing.
lets pretend it isn't raining
lets pretend, the cold raindrops are not seeping into the cracks in the sidewalks and the hooded men, are just passing by..

lets pretend that seasons change
and the cold glances I get from the neighbours barred windows are only temporary

lets pretend that babies are not born everyday

lets pretend the do not have to carve themselves out into a world full of wishful thinking
and the amount of sun in their skin
determines their fortune

lets pretend we arnt the ones carving that future into them

lets pretend that bodies dont walk for miles and miles bounded in chains

lets pretend bodies were not trained to be targets for dogs

lets pretend bodies don't hang, bodies don't float bodies
don't die in vain

lets pretend its all forgotten
no stories told
no lessons learnt
just a casual poem.
poem is about the cycle of humanity, the beauty of human connections, the darkness that connection brings as well as a lot of contradictions about the world that we are raised to believe is ours and yet..really its just history repeating itself.. Enjoy
Hersch Rothmel  Jun 2013
Hersch Rothmel Jun 2013
Lets sit down and take some time to discuss how we have no time to talk
Lets go take a nice long walk to move around for the first time
Lets look through a lens we’ve never used to look at the world in a different light
Lets not be scared to be uncomfortable, Lets not be scared to be wrong
Lets not have to be right all the time, lets admit our ignorance
Lets stop trying to fulfill a dream that is forced upon us
Lets go question what we know and confront the people who taught us
Lets go try and change the world even though it won’t happen in our lifetime
Lets stop thinking our happiness is separate from all those around us  
Lets take the time to really learn and really get to know ourselves
Classy J  Aug 2020
Put Em Down
Classy J Aug 2020
Lets put em down, put em down!
Lets put em down, put em down!
Heavy headed wears the crown.
Lets put em down, put em down!
Lets put em down, put em down!
No longer will they keep us silent,
By constantly shooting us down!
Lets put em down!

Imma start running off these pounds,
But not for you bunch of jackals,
Imma start making them rounds,
Shooting up anyone at the table that dare call me an apple.
I am here because I want to be,
The only reason I do anything.
Can you even keep up with me?
Cause this ****, I don’t do for free!
I’m not about to slow down and wait to see.
As I go from A to B.
You can try to attempt to come along with me,
However, I came too far to stop now,
Taking out these fraudulent clowns.
I can’t wait for some burning bush to tell me where to go,
Yeah I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere,
Because, it would take me forty more years to go.
Yeah I’ll do my own thing,
So, when I do become big,
You’ll see that I did indeed achieve everything.
Truth is I don’t even care if I make it;
I just want to take it,
As far it can go.
Doing show after show.
That just how I roll.
Then people start questioning,
But I aint got time bro!
In a falsified world, where rappers demean and objectify women and girls.
I will not forfeit.
As my producer is telling me to change the subject.
But I know my words are worth it.
And though this world is not perfect.
It is something that I will protect.

Lets put em down, put em down!
Lets put em down, put em down!
Heavy headed wears the crown.
Lets put em down, put em down!
Lets put em down, put em down!
No longer will they keep us silent,
By constantly shooting us down!
Lets put em down!

To be clear we are entitled to nothing,
we don’t deserve anything,
Especially not some fifty thousand dollar engagement ring.
Are you humbled now?
Probably not,
You’re probably still thinking you so fresh and tardy as an apricot.
You can count on me unlike the government,
Cause unlike them I am honest and sincere in my testament.
So you may be fresh,
But one of these days you’re going to be real messed up,
Drunk or high in some dumpster in Bangladesh.
Knowing that you really ****** up.
Good people die, bad people die,
Material minds with finical eyes,
Seeing things as symmetrical,
What ever happened to being ethical?
Tell me why do people have to be so one-dimensional?
Goody two shoes like Hansel and Gretel,
Imma bout to boil you in my kettle,
For I am evil like a witch,
Leave ya covered up in stitches.
Or maybe I’ll just leave yawl in the ditch!
Or swimming with the fishes.
For fear is a tool, that keeps fools under control,
You think you free when you vote at those polls.
But really you're just stuck in mouse trap that feeds into the governments goals.
And although society has never once accepted me,
I will use my nightmares to bring therapy,
Woven into words that will last longer than me.
It’s survival of the fittest,
And the world is run by the richest,
Those that also run ******* rings in front of the masses,
Is this truly worth our taxes?
But who can bring justice?
Regular people like you and me who stand up and say **** this.
For I’m tired that the same ones that wear badges,
Be the same ones that be killing us.

Lets put em down, put em down!
Lets put em down, put em down!
Heavy headed wears the crown.
Lets put em down, put em down!
Lets put em down, put em down!
No longer will they keep us silent,
By constantly shooting us down!
Lets put em down!
Lets bottlefeed each other the first
steps in love
With everystep , let love resound
Lets learn to strum the right strings
of our hearts
In one key ,let us play a spanish
Lets dare the cupid, let him strike
his arrow
With a single shot, lets get a Romeo
and Juliet Ride
Escape a one night stand , just
holding each other all night long
Lets melt in each others arms with
so much care
Lets dare sin and teach each other
how to kiss
Feel the warmth of our lips ,as we
hearken to the beat of our hearts in
a duet
Pounding in unison, in reflection to
our affection
Whisper in my ears the vapour of
your smooth voice
Lets feed each other the cereals of
The protien that determines the
growth of our love
Lets put a rock foundation to the
empire that will last
The tests of approaching stormy
and rainy seasons
Lets not wish and dream of
diamonds and roses
Lets teach each other how to trust
Care about us and last the length
of Life
Lets teach each other how to love
Men may come and men may go,
But one thing I just want you to know,
At times,I admit,I may not show,
But trust me,whenever I’m low,
I picture us in the snow.
[I don’t know why?]

In the snow,we provide each other
The warmth,
That the warmest jacket
Could not.

All these months,things went well,
Suddenly,my bipolar struck,
I could no longer gel,
We grew apart,
We got back,
I thank with all my soul,
‘what a luck!’

You’re unsure about our relationship now,
I understand you ,and I messed it up,
But let me just make a quick vow,
I’ve said this before,didn’t quite followed it,
But trust me,I’d never,ever,
And I mean it,never
Give up!

Never give up on us,
And still be honest enough,
To have a transparent happy ever after.
It made me break my veins, I got sick,
When I realized I lost a diamond in the rough.
I’m probably a ****.
An *******.
A mean *****.
Whatever you call it.

Reading poetry of girls writing about how
They got dumped b their guys,how much
They hated yet loved them still.

I could well picture you,
As the miserable girl,upset about her guy,and ME
As the ******* guy, fool enough to dump you.

Well lets make it all clear
For once & for all.
I admit I complicated it
I admit I did it for no reason
I did it because I got anxious
I’m sorry.
I did it because I over think-ed.
I don’t promise I will never get the thought back.
Cause I got no control over it.
But definitely if I choose to listen to my negative
Therefore,that makes me a crazy girl.

But you always loved me that way,no?
The stupid me,the ‘*****’ me,
How I abused so easily,how I am always
Chewing gum,how I step back when you came
Close,how I never made constant eye contact with you,
How I was always cold,and you pressed your hands on mine,
how I used to let thorns
***** me,how I made those pouts,how I
Moved around
While talking, how I totally ******* up the ‘coin trick’
And how much I enjoyed reading * ****,
How I sneak out a lot,how I used to go on & on
About certain silly stuff
And you used to *listen
like a puppy[that’s vut I’d like to believe]

I’m sorry for walking away,
When you were reluctant to let go of ‘us’,
I’m sorry for acting so immature and sick.

But I promised something,
And choose to stick to it.
No matter if the world’s gonna end ,
No matter if I’m gonna die tomorrow,
No matter if I’m living for a thousand more years,
I’ll always pray for you by my side.

Lets shut thepast, cut the future,
And live for today
Let me run my hands through your hair,
And you grab me by the waist, lets cuddle,
Lets hug,lets sleep ,lets wake up together ,lets drive away,
lets move in,lets fly away ,lets drink beer and dance on the table,
lets fight and then make up,lets get
married and make love each night.

I sniff you’re a different person now,
And I’m to be blamed.
But I’ll even love you
With all my heart and mind
In its right place
each and every different aspect of you,
as long its YOU.
my first attempt to positive,happy poems,slightly happier than before,i suppose,thanks to my baby for this,i have my head in the game now,iloveyou,
its pretty long,for somebody who'll maybe not even read the entire thing,but i specially wrote it for him.
mark john junor Sep 2014
lets stay here a little longer
lets laugh and sing some more
because i want this moment to last
want this you and i
to go on all night
lets dance a little longer
lets romance a little longer
you look so wonderful in that dress
feel so wonderful holding your hand
its these simple joys
that romances the heart to believing
that sways the nightbreeze song to favor beautiful thoughts
want to walk alone with you and talk soft
lets dance a little longer
lets romance a little longer
want to laugh with you
see that light in your eyes
just let me hold you a moment longer
lets not let the night slip away
i see dawn comin
but just want one more moment
with your smile
with your hand in mine
lets dance a little longer
lets romance a little longer
lets kiss a little more
Sinex  Oct 2014
Lets Pretend
Sinex Oct 2014
Lets pretend,
we're still friends.

Lets pretend,
you don't avoid my eye.

Lets pretend,
When you saw me,
you didn't look to your left,
tease your hair
and stare behind you as I went passed.

Lets pretend
When you saw me doing work,
you didn't mutter 'fa**et' under your breath.

lets pretend,
when I asked where you were going,
you didn't hear me.

Lets pretend,
I don't see that look of denial
every time I speak

Lets pretend,
everything is fine.

Lets pretend
we're still friends

some conversations aren't supposed to happen, friends come and go
Khushi Apr 2020
Lets change the angle...
The seeds of society
Are rooted deep within the soil of our perception
From there germinates the fruits of stereotypes
Building bondages around your dreams in its every bite.
With a vision to foresee and growing science and technology
We cover our far sighted vision with a pair of glasses
Which do not render you with a clear vision but instead turns you blind....
It turns you blind to every **** growing in your mind
It turns you blind to all those sufferers who being victims are still criticized
So, why not we being intellectuals
Tilt our head a little and change the angle
And let's see the world with a new sight
A sight that is free of blurred vision
Which no more needs to eat those fruits of stereotypes
A sight that is fairer, unbiased, and no more waters those catastrophic seeds.
Lets change the angle and neither see a women shy and weak
And a man violent and devastating
But lets see both of them as sons and daughters of almighty
Meant for spreading love and affection in the society.
Lets not title them as mummas boy and not too macho mans
But just as humans
With a pair of eyes, a mouth, limbs and a heart which is yet beating within longing for a tight hug.
Lets forget all those concepts of man chauvinism and feminism
Lets change the angle and build up a concept of belongingness and compassion.
Let them not be just bodies carrying privileges of ***** and insecurities of a ******
But just let them be souls
Dwelling in the nature, blooming like flowers, flying like a bird, ready to shower their emotions like a heavy cloud.
Lets not mark the foetus in a mother's womb
Boy or girl, male or female, gay or trans
But just as elements of art
Unveiling their beauty in their every little bit like a star.
Lets not symbolise our men as mountains
And our women as diamonds
Let that mountain shedding his tears in a waterfall
Be as pleasurable to you as it is being covered with snow, cold and numb
Let that raw piece of coal black with soot be as beautiful to you as it is being a shining diamond.
Let's not just build political or religious relations
But lets build relations between hearts pouring down love,between the shimmer in the eyes, between the two smiles,between all of us between the moon and the sun, between the sky and the earth.
Lets not divide these seven colors in pink or blue
But lets mix them up and set them free to paint the vacant sky
Lets not draw the irrational lines of division in a garden where there are flowers and even weeds which blooms in their own way.
Lets not victimise the wings of dreams with the expectation of society.
But lets just tilt our heads a little, change the angle and sow the seeds of compassion in a world where there are no boundaries of religion, caste or gender.
But just human fulfilling the needs of their humanity.
heather leather  Apr 2015
heather leather Apr 2015
lets talk about books
lets talk about hushed confessions and secret
ridden metaphors and scandalous similes
lets talk about that book you bought me,
and it's heavily messaged paragraphs and obviously
coded phrases, lets talk about how you had all
but highlighted every single part that
applied to *us
as if we could be compared
to a fictional world filled with teenage angst and the
false naivety that lies between the words
happily ever after
lets talk about how i didn't need that book because
the story of us was already written with discreet
winks and inside jokes and phrases that nobody else
will be able to understand, lets talk about how i don't need
to compare you the ocean or the sun or a tsunami
lets talk about how you never had to tell me i was
beautiful like a pearl or how i was as meaningful to you as air
because at the end of the day,
the i love you's i'd tell you mean all of that and i like
to think yours did too
instead of talking about books, lets talk about your soul filled laugh
and the teacher's terrible glare
lets talk about hate and jealousy and how i had felt when you told
me to leave
lets talk about anger and sadness and him and her lets talk about
happiness and how butterflies still fly to my stomach every time you
say my name

lets talk about us.


— The End —