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  Apr 2020 Bhat Aejaz
I don't really know how to write poetry
I don't really like showing my emotions
So I guess I'll try my best
Because honestly, I'm just going though the motions
I've actually been using this site for awhile, I just never actually posted anything until now. So, yeah. Prepare for lots of bad poetry!
Bhat Aejaz Apr 2020
Didn't i do right by pretending 'alright'?
Didn't i hold a sea of tears?
Shouldn't you appreciate this art of mine?
Haven't I averted a stormy flood?

Am not i hiding the wounds grave?
Don't i smile amid extreme pain?
Haven't i grown very skillful?
shouldn't you really applause for me?

Isn't it better to bear all alone?
Shouldn't i request them not to bother?
Am not i averting the mockery of my heart?
Don't i recognize the fake sympathies?

Don't my blames hit me straight back?
Didn't i let people spoil it all?
Isn't it maddening to regret all the time?
Haven't i waited for the doubts to grow?
Mystery in Indian occupied kashmir..
Bhat Aejaz Apr 2020
Nothing has changed ,when they ended this law game .
Before its Negate,it had just remained a name .

Still young is Ousted, knocking the doors for a job.
They had become feeble ,day and night they only sob.

Dread in the people ,if they Distle for their Right.
In the prison,how they can be out for a day light .

From home to office ,Nowhere they are seeing their fate.
At all ending ,dither of youth is going to be so bate.

Going to Pvt. schools,by set down a resume there.

All is good,but we can not give You 1500 above here.

Everyone is praying for Us,Officious for us to be alive.
Love from the family ,they never ever let us to Drive.

Hope the "Head" will feel,the youth  as their own.
Will do for them ,a great ,as for and very soon
It is about Unemployment youth in indian occupied kashmir

— The End —