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Amrin 1d
How magnificent is the bourgeoisie!!!
How is the proletariat feeble?
There is but the naive capitalism
Yet the laissez-faire rot!

There is not a single dismay,
Non prolific is the gray!
The lost souls of aristocratic,
However, shall pay!

The lusterous scrappers
Orenated, the walls drape of  ravishing sprays
No nuisances, no broken window panes,
For now the children dont play!!

For haven't I done more than,
What the society deserves!
For I am the creator
Of the brackish bays!
Amrin Aug 30
Now I can breath in the valley air,
Sans the fear and despair,
Though I have never been to
the scrumptious valley fair.

Stories of the turmoils,
Bloodshed and the toils,
Now I can see the sun
rising from horizon of scare.

Lofty and lushly I hear,
Chinar trees sear,
Blood red, mauve, yellow leaves,
allegorical, the bruise heal.

Insurgence has met its expiration,
Reverent, stands the nation,
And now after the tremulous affair
Let's breath in the valley air.

Bostful, the national pride,
Paradoxical waft shall end,
And as a nation, we stand,
To breath in the valley air.

— The End —