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understand that life is death
and death is what life is for
but never should you cut once breath
for wanting to live his life more

never give a man a reason to die
never give a woman your sheepish lies
never hurt a life that wants to live
and if someone asks always give
trying to write is harder now
i seemed to not remember how
to make words dance and lines sing
To give rhymes that certain ring
to break hearts and heal scars
to go back to the time we call ours
i'm tired of wishing upon stars
looking down, gazing at me
all it ever gave me were bruises and scars
And yet i'm still too blind to see
what stars are supposed to be
a ball of gas floating like quasars
Like me locked up indoors
Yet people see me as something
But all I am is a whole bunch of nothing
Rafael Gonzaga Sep 2018
Quarantine aisles briskly I tread
Oh, the unending agony of those we call "dead"
And yet persists the practice of our people
To give them roses, hugs for the feeble

Morning comes and sunlight creeps
Among tombstones and relatives' weeps
Lighting every corner with it's ray
Filling their hearts with dismay

It signals life, that morning sun
for it shall never be seen by you whose life is done
Bittersweet some might say
But to me it's all just gray

Gray as your hair when you left
You looked so young,you handled aging with deft
We thought nothing was wrong, you hid it with your smile
To make your stay here all worth while
Rafael Gonzaga Sep 2018
Blood Red
From the outside going in
Ink pumping through plumbing lines
Pushing through in a rushing manner
Small leaks dripping through cracks
Filling gaps of light with shadows
Entering the depths of you
Pitch Black
Rafael Gonzaga Jul 2018
There are things I thought I knew
About love and its wonders
That was true until I met you
A person who made me ponder

We could talk for hours and hours
about the books we've read
and argue about "The Two Towers"
whether or not Sauron is dead

You became a part of me
A pair that is a perfect fit
Without you I don't function properly
If this is not love I don't know what to call it
Rafael Gonzaga Jul 2018
Jiggles on the spoon as I scoop
Slides slowly down the chute
Transparent goodness on a plastic tray
It's the one thing that could make my day

Sun light hits it surface and it starts to glow
It casts a shadow, a color it might show
Causes confusion, if it's solid or liquid
But it something you'll never know you need
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