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Indreamz Nov 2020

Poetry has left me 
I'm searching for  it but cannot find 
Is it locked in 
the dungeons of my mind 
Or it's right before my eyes 
but I'm blind...
Indreamz Oct 2020
If only...

if only you knew
how much you mean to me  
my days begin for you  
and nights... nights long for your touch  
my dreams are kissed by the stars and the moon  
yet i refuse to dream...  
cos i love to lie cuddled in your warm thoughts    
thoughts ... that are treasured forever  
in the caverns of my soul...
Indreamz Oct 2020
‌I love the way you      
romance with words;      
the way you play with them        
....weave them beautifully      
into a gorgeous tapestry    
...called poetry.          
‌How well you know        
the right use of delicious,  
luscious words      
The way you arrange them        
...string them together creating
a heavenly harmony      
that's just simply breathtaking!        
‌Your poetry picks up on its wings        
one's spirit, carrying it to    
an ethereal realm...        
Stirring up ocean of emotions  
within one's soul...        
Giving words to one's feelings that was lying hidden somewhere        
Indreamz Oct 2020
Give me a piece of your sky      
Let me fly... high      
Orbiting your stars      
let me burn in those      
scintillating eyes      
Drizzle me      
with soft glow      
of your glittering sunbeams,      
leaving me drenched      
in golden dreams      
Let me be your moon      
circling around you      
waxing and waning till I swoon      
and melting into lovedrops      
I fall for you    
... into you      
Soak me up      
every atom of      
dissolve me      
in your love divine
Indreamz Oct 2020
What can I say
the way to a woman's heart is through poetry  

You knew  
You knew  
You rogue  
You thief!  
Stealthily creeping through  
your words  
aah...those pretty words  
You lured me with that bait  
caught me in your hook  
You crook!  
Stealing my heart  
You ran away  
hunting for your next prey  
And here I am  
in your spill  
choking on your words death  
... those very words  
that were once my life breath
Indreamz Oct 2020
Introverts aren't really loners: 
They are busy socializing with   
their innumerable friends,     

— The End —