We trust the temporary love. We fall for its superficial high
We narrate the expected wrath in brutal verses
We mourn its loss we curse its lies.
We seek temporary joys. We crave for its frequency
We allow the charm of its versatility
To take over our cliché and static hobbies.
We demand for temporary comfort. The kind which doesn’t heal but numbs the hurt.
We fail to notice its destructive calm
Slowly invade our tamed gut.
We trust temporary attachments.  Its shallow and soothing attention
We don’t grieve its dissolution with time
We look for replacements, for diversions.
We live in a world
Of temporary feels and emotions
Of souls desperately seeking distractions
Instead of eternal peace and honest affections.

Let my smile sing you honest praises
Let my words rip your soul apart
Let my fragrance curl your breath's symphony
Let my laughter tamper your calm.
Let me for once destroy every bit of you
And rearrange it
In my desired fancies..
Trust me for once
And drown in my melodies.

Allow me to drown
In the vulnerability of your uncertain love
And experience it's destructive high.
Break my brittle soul
And destroy its charm
Make it cold
Make it dark

I hear the ghosts of forgotten memories  singing me rhymes
Ryhymes narrating temporary love
And phony  smiles.
I feel the breeze pulling me towards the graves of desire and honesty
Killed by inhuman deadlines and insatiable responsibilities.
I listen to the waves rant over all the pain which finds its way to the shore
The sorrow gazing towards infinity, helplessy in search of second chances and welcoming doors.
But hush! i hear a knock, a silent reminder from my routine
Calling me back to reality, devilishly, snatching away my moment of ephiphany

Deep down
Hidden beneath my perfected manners
Are mystical desires to drown
In the darkness of a lonely night
Along with my forgotten lover
To sing the embarrassing verse
From my diary which is hidden under my bed covers
To dive in the sea of memories
And relive them drop by drop
To lie under the shadows of ignored trees
On the lap of the dead and the lost
Deep down
Beneath my perfected manners
There lays a wild ambition
To live
And not survive
To risk what is left
And feel

Be proud for you weren’t cursed with the shallowness of a betraying heart
And you were denied the ability to forget the good.
Be proud
For you have a heart so big that can bury the pain of your forgotten deeds
And can still smile over the hypocrite gratitude.
Be proud for you have enough love to waste
Enough love to help you move past the temporary selfish beings.
Be proud
For you can give, give, and give
And expect nothing
Apart from the fake desperate smiles.

A little selfless.

You and me
The one who thought we deserved the best
Have realized that
Perhaps the best is

Whats the best?
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