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Nathansha Dilip Jun 2019
Is neither harsh nor sweet
Neither boisterous nor calm
But rather
Just humbly in the middle of the contrary ends.
Nathansha Dilip Jun 2019
I stargazed through the nights
Surrounded by the aura of my inhuman imagination
Wondering if you would ever leave my hand
And go away to never come back.
Nathansha Dilip Jun 2019
I smiled when you laughed
And teared when you sulked
Hoping to take a chance
Than let my fear earn victory over my love.
Nathansha Dilip Apr 2019
What if
You wake up one day
And learn
That you loved wrong?
Nathansha Dilip Apr 2019
Isn't it always true
That the one you love
Is far less concerned
Than the one who loves you
Nathansha Dilip Nov 2018
Her laughs are too loud to be forgotten
And her sulks are too evident to be ignored
As she brushes your smile with her freshly painted nails
She will remind you of how much you need her in your solitude.
And this makes me wonder
If she smells of honey
For you see, her fragrance lingers
For more than usual.
If you ever loved her
Nathansha Dilip Sep 2017
I hear the ghosts of forgotten memories  singing me rhymes
Ryhymes narrating temporary love
And phony  smiles.
I feel the breeze pulling me towards the graves of desire and honesty
Killed by inhuman deadlines and insatiable responsibilities.
I listen to the waves rant over all the pain which finds its way to the shore
The sorrow gazing towards infinity, helplessy in search of second chances and welcoming doors.
But hush! i hear a knock, a silent reminder from my routine
Calling me back to reality, devilishly, snatching away my moment of ephiphany
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