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by michael r. burch

love was a little treble thing—
prone to sing
and (sometimes) to sting

Keywords/Tags: love, bee, honeybee, treble, song, sing, singer, sting, stinger, barb, poison
Nena Twedell Sep 2014
Got my whole world closed down
In a lockdown
Under surveillance
Hoping no one can see what's inside
No one is allowed in
Without special permission
Yet you’re here
How did you get in
You snuck in under my radar like no one before
You must have some serious skill
But now I must remove you from the premises of my world
You are a threat to the wellbeing and surroundings
You don't belong here yet
How did you get here
Why are you here
My whole world is closed down to everyone around me
In a lock down with security heavily guarding every part
How did you get in
Sure you can visit
Sure you can take a peak
But don't cross inside
That's how it's always been
So how did you get past the barb wire
How did you get past the landmines
Snuck in under my radar
Now I don't know how to get you out
You know to much already
Seen too much of what happens in here
How did you get in to this place
Where no one else has been aloud before.
My world is closed down to everyone else
So how did you sneak your way in
Please don't leave
Visitors are nice
And are few and far between
I don't mind them once in a while
Promise you won't spill the secrets you have seen
Or the secrets you have heard.
You've seen too much already
You know too much now.

— The End —