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  Sep 2019 TL Chesterton
never a morning person
but for you
i'd wake up early
every single day
for you
who becomes a sunshine
on my rainy days
TL Chesterton Sep 2019
Strive, oh, love thyself.
Regret not,
For my soul doth shine.
TL Chesterton Sep 2019
Smile, brightly, and make the world gay
In every way, the world is okay.
Uncertainty, the dread of existence,
Fills in the heart for more than an instance,
But softened my dread, did I do today
In realizing that I'll be okay
And that you can smile in so many ways
TL Chesterton Sep 2019
I gaze into the midnight eve
And in my heart, I am relieved.
I held you tight, never to let go,
For I truly adore you so.
My dearest friend, until the end,
And I will forever commend
The fact you did all that today,
And still cared if I'm okay.
I am okay, I promise this,
May I never let the chance miss
To kiss your darling lips
And impart on us both bliss.
TL Chesterton Sep 2019
I wish I could be different
The exact person you wish to be
Not someone who hurts you.
Distance is okay if that's what you need
I don't know why you wish to stay close
But know that I won't hurt you anymore.
TL Chesterton Sep 2019
Believe in what I say
And love me, truly,
Let me be the man you need
And the person you say I am
TL Chesterton Sep 2019
Share and spread my penned word
This secret won't lay for long.
I ******* adore your very being,
Your essence is joy incarnate.
May you see past momentary pleasure
And may we work together to form
A more loving union
Of hearts and souls.
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