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Sunflower Feb 1
I'm a newbie at work,
Help I always seek.
Good thing my seat mate is a tenure,
Though a 'lil bit immature.

One day, one day, I was supposed to tell the truth,
The truth that I am a bisexual,
'coz we are talking 'bout gays
then she randomly said,
"If i'll get the chance i'll have them killed"
I kept quiet the whole shift.
Thought about -How I am supposed to stay in an environment like this?
That my seat mate is a homophobe and I do not know who else is.
Grace Spellman May 2017
breaking down the barricade
we march, flags high
this is our time
our rights

we fill the streets
hundreds upon hundreds
chanting, screaming
laughing, yelling

and still our flags reign
high above our heads
like the birds in the sky
screeching for thread

we are unstoppable
marks of color on our cheeks
our roar fills the streets
we are unstoppable.
this is about gay rights if you couldn't tell. hope you enjoyed.
Ana S Apr 2016
The dark is when I can write.
Words work onto my pages during the night.
I can express the emptiness I feel.
It's the only way I recall on how to deal.
Deal with the pain from past lovers.
Deal with the hate from almost step mothers.
Even I'm not invited to my fathers wedding.
**** it, not like I wanted to see him give her a ring.
She said I must wear heels and a dress.
Smile act a bit impressed.
Well mummy oh my,
How the time flew by.
You really don't know me.
I wouldn't lay a finger on a dress you see.
And love if my girlfriend won't be allowed to accompany me,
I am not sorry to say I'm uninterested in your stupid wedding.
Your homophobic lies.
Look at you bat you beautiful eyes.
Honey it is a sin.
God knows you'll find out when...
When what???
When I burn in hell? You ****?
What is God going to do?
He's more accepting that you.
I go to church twice a week say prays every night.
But still according to you I'm doing nothing right.
I'm an abomination to the holy lord.
Wish you could hit my girlfriend with your ford?
Lay a finger on her you can go through me.
So please excuse me.
No I will not go to your no homos allowed ******* wedding.
Who gives a rats *** if your marrying my father.
He sure as hell never treated me like his daughter.
So why even bother.
I decline
Cody Haag Dec 2015
I hear your son likes boys
In a way you don't approve;
But it's how he is wired,
Through and through.

You caught your son kissing boys,
And you told him he's disgusting;
Who knew in 2015,
Homophobia would be a thing.

Your son likes boys,
That he cannot change;
So what he kisses boys,
Is that so strange?

There are a million things
Your son could be,
Don't you think,
Don't you agree?

It's up to you, break his wings
Or let him fly;
Think about what you want to accomplish
Before you die.

Do you wish to care for him,
Mold him into his best version;
Or make him your toy,
And use lies as immersion?
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
**** ******* oh **** I offended someone
No I’m not a **** homophobe
People just need to realize that words aren’t offensive
You ******* **** and I mean come on that word means a ******* ******.

Stanza 1 is done and I’m sure someone quit reading already
Because they were so **** offended
But I’ll do what I want and say what I want
Even if you’re ******* offended.

I’m down to earth and don’t get stressed so much
And I love a sense of ******* humor
It’s the best quality you can have and it’s the **** I love
Because life is fairly ******* morbid and laughs and making people laugh makes me cope.

Stanza 4 is here and I’m sure plenty of you checked out
Because you can’t ******* laugh you ******
**** is hilarious
Oh **** that was ****** up.

Let me end this ****
With my final point (and I’ll say it again)
Just ******* laugh
And stop gettin’ so offended…****** (****** was someone offended again? My bad).

— The End —