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Safana Jul 2020
A man's pet
    is a female dog
Outing with others,
     is a specie of fox,
     Every day night.
A man is worrying,
     and, fumbling in the
     darkness of a night.
Looking for his cutest,
     is a beautiful *****

Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
cutest little claws,
soft fur, softer purr, and sweet
sandpaper kisses
my Bobtail kitten is the cutest creature that has ever walked the face pf the Earth.
change my mind
Colm Aug 2018
To the cutest girl
   Amongst all the lunks

Purple, white and black as the sky
   (As you know)

Hard work and a trusty Honda
   Such things will get you anywhere in life
   Be it an outcome which requires this
   Such slender *****

Enjoy your night!
Gotta love *****.


— The End —