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slay  Nov 2018
slay Nov 2018
Testing my patience 1 2 3
Mic drop n scramble back to the beat
I be geeked in the streets
But be like Neek in the sheets
****, you Harry Stylin' in your custom Gucci's

I'm so ****** uninspired, my soul has nowhere to be
I'm resonating with nothing that extends beyond the planet
I'm not interested in anything inorganic
All the man made **** is solely for my avatar,
I dont have to play videogames because I already live in one.
The only thing I havent done is **** myself in this life to ascend into the next one
But i know I am a chosen one so I suffer in silence
Said i bare the burden, I am a beacon of light

I mean who you think you are, King Mitus?
Oh my god
You be counting change, im stacking hundreds with my thoughts
I think i drifted way too far last time i astral projected
Cause when i came back they told me Mandela was effected

It's tragic, the tragedy keeps writing itself
God must not be real n we must all have free will
We must all be capable of unspeakable things
With the capacity of becoming unspeakable beings, but
The conscious to speak into the opposite swing
Hello, testing? Testing 1, 2, 3?

It's amazing my attention span isn't longer than (.)45 seconds,
This is reckless
And sometimes that's the only way i know how this thing in my chest works
And my heart hurts
Not important, i just said it off the record
For my mental

And when I meet her, maybe she'll tell me im an angel
But i am much worse,
I'm a temptress, I'm a serpent, I'm a stranger
I am hellbent
On finding my true place in the framework,
I will change them
I will ignite the reformation
Poetry by MAN Mar 2014
I use this as a writing tool
A freestyle flow to see me through
I am just a simple M.A.N
Filled with complicated sand
Sifting through a hourglass
I see the future in my past
Feeling pain from my joy  
I can create to destroy
What is special? What is new?
False is fake but what is true?
Gather moments I've collected
Seen only from my own perspective
Words the fruit..I am the tree
All is still a part of me
So go ahead take a bite
Feel my soul as I write
These words to help me understand
As I walk this path..lay a plan
Take you to another place
Where no one is trying to win the race
Sister and Brother stand hand and hand
My imagination can create that land
A mighty river runs from my soul
Providing me with my freestyle flow....
3-13-14 M.A.N Just me having fun letting off poetic steam..^_*
Styles Oct 2014
You seeing me rapping will never happen
Before that I’ll start cappin
Walk off like nothing happened
Since I’ve mastered this art of war
I tend to take things too far
Don’t give a **** who you think you are
Your rap handle doesn’t exist anymore
My rhythms galore, your rhythms manure
Best left in a bag
On your steps
At your front door
Hottest your rap crap will ever get
I’m so polished this is a blemish not a scrimmage
I treat you little *******
Like a teacher’s pet
Up against a Vietnam war vet
Giving you your first shoots
Flipping the script
Double barrel twelve gauge extended clip
Special grip pressed against your lip
Having a hard time talking ****
A pistol whip left your tooth chipped
Fake rappers rapping hard
No street creed; they ain’t legit
This wack imitation ****
Got me *******
Don’t get me started
you rip offs should get lost at all cost
dealing with a real boss I can handle a loss
Testing me lyrically, you must be previously *******
Now you are dearly departed
I’m styling on you I’m wilding
Bloodline of Goliath  
So go ahead start a riot
With my mic on autopilot
You can get chewed like trident
Eating wack MC’s
essential part of my diet
this ain’t even a battle verse
it’s a gift and a curse
running its course
on my high horse
Styles Dec 2014
The times here, mind clear
removed fear, mind fully-aware
they can’t calculate my circumference
they try-angle-hate to encompass
i’m too persistent
consistently consistent
my philosophy brilliant
they’re mindfully malignant
plots thicken and spots pigment
perfect gentlemen, acting indecent
handed them knowledge, didn't keep it
then peep game, telling secrets
I’m sure they’re getting seasick
its been written, still going off the top
the deep-end, the stuck on the plot
Styles Jan 2015
**** this civilized **** I am set, like an object. So don't object. My eyes on the prize like my future subjects. All these haters is suspect, I pay them no respect. That's how a King treats his subjects. I blow minds like lare jets-- then take marks and get set. It could be the bad or the ugly, l'm as good as it gets. I'm raising the bar like I'm working my pecs, working hard, baring arms like I'm funk master flex. I'm laughing so hard it's hurting my chest. instead of getting money I'm enjoying my wealth,  weight a couple rounds, then rise up in belts. My Dawgs underdogs, like we training vets. I weigh the pros agasint cons, then Shakakon like I'm K. West. Extend my arm and drop a bomb when this mic turn on. My future brighter than prospects, standing on Prospect while the Sunset waiting to get it on
Styles Sep 2014
It been a while now I'm back,
playing the beat on a track,
Lyrically I attack,
I'm an M C,
So naturally,
That's how I react,
You might not get my psych,
goin ape shyte crazy,
chasin these monkeys of my back,
I guess opposites still attract.
Rapidly rapping raps,
spitting facts,
I'm what these other cats lack,
cut from another cloth,
Can't cut'em no slack,
This rifts, rat,
I'm way better than that
I master my craft
Like captain kirk taking a bath
higher than an aircraft
Plotting my path
like a hovercraft
Fully prepared for the crash.
These other guys, think they fly,
I just laugh. They get puff up,
While I pass by, getting
Roughed up, crossing my path
Iooking like ironman with this mic in my hand,
Feels like I'm hold a staff.
Like a titan, I clash.
I am the better man,
check my clasp,
I got a better plan,
Better lyrical grasp,
I'm so smooth,
These other rappers, rap sound like ***.
I land minds, no gymnastic class
my geographic quadgraphics better than a veteran
with a can of V8 in his hand
Still crazy from the war,
tasted the blood of a warrior,
Now I'm thirsty for more.
I'm dropping bombs like the army core in 94
With more confidence than Al b sure on tour
Finding common sense scattered all over the floor
Picking up feed back on channel 4
Turning the microphones up,
Then slam it to the floor,
Cause I don't want to rap anymore,
Back and forth I go,
It's all a part of the flow,
I'm just putting on a show,
rhythm book, pinned up,
It's a wrap, flow after flow,
Pulling up, getting my spins up,
The treble and bass doing chin ups,
While I'm spitting rhythms galore,
SassyJ Feb 2016
Crossroads (Spoken Word- Freestyle-Dramatics)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
== Crossroads ==
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Complexities we create

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Insatiable was the menu we served exclusively
The culinary gourmet, marked in Michelin stars
The 5 course preparation of paradise on a dish
The interval of forks, spoons, knives and platters
For I drool it all, still you can’t see the stained print
I reverse the stilled portrait and you stare amused
Tainted as the stringed moonlight crawled unearthed

Take this bulb, for I have smashed it see this bruise
The blooded finger prints, the imprint of fine justice
I breath the freshness of the mist but it evaporates
My mind cascading  to the pitted grounded roots
The sun rays blows to blind, its my lidded perspective
The unparalleled horizon casting on glittered aisle
Send them all home, the show is paused,cancelled

Reality is the diverse of confusing notions and illusions
A multiplication of complexities that we have created
The absolute happiness remains a psychological concept
The happen stance of nature entwined with freedom
To exist yet persist and bloom like a yeasted dough
Encircling reputations, reflections to heavy to bury
I come back home to announce a new found hope
JCruz Hernandez Nov 2013
I don’t freestyle. 
I write my things down. 
Though I wish that I could spit when I talk **** and pitch in metaphors so quick they zip right past you with a swing and a miss. 

That’s why I pick up my pen and pad, or my phone if it has a charge, 
Go to the memos app and find a knife that is sharp. 
Crack open my rib cage and pull out my beating heart. 
Squeeze that ***** dry till it bleeds the right part. 

But this prune has no juice now.
This prune has no use now.
Its beats have no sync it looks gray, old, and used out.
It burned out its pacer, and its fuse just fused out,

It’s excuses? 
That I used it when I couldn’t use it.
I abused and confused it.
It gave me all that I wanted but its plasma was useless.

So much material came night after night.
Every time it gave more. I just brushed it aside.
My table was covered with all my insides,
But none of it perfect. None of it right.

I squeezed and I squeezed till my fingers went numb.
The nail on my index was cutting into my thumb.
Desperate for a punch line to make the crowds go dumb.
Screaming and owing these ******* gonna come.

Too caught up on what they wanted I let my heart dry.
Too caught up living their life I let my heart die.
It turned out that turned up turned into a lie.
I turned into some one torn from their real life.

Now I’m resting my heart for a while. 
It’s in the hands of a misses that cares for it now.
That’s why I don’t freestyle.
I write my **** down.

-J.Cruz Hernandez
Poetry by MAN Mar 2014
Sun an eternal flame
Burning up my mental strain
Incinerating my self doubt
Release it..Um let it out
Normally I don't give a ****
A Scorpio M.A.N is what I am
Venomous when I sting
Most can't handle what I bring
Emotions come in many phases
Draw a map..navigate the mazes
Some days I'm dark I sing the blues
Emotions there for me to use
Transforming them with my magic touch
I feel them hit me in a rush
When in tune I'm like a song
So with these words I babble on
Just begun so watch me grow
Flooding minds with my Freestyle Flow..
M.A.N 3-25-14 My Freestyle flow keeps me from getting blocked I write these just for fun..♏
Styles Oct 2014
What’s up with this fool this a battle my dude
Your in my domain so you play by my rule
You battling a beast that’s more evil than you
Anything you do, I can do better than you
I’m bred from a breed that would eat you for their food
We watch and read about your type on the daily news
They only found your wind pipe no other parts of you
Thats what happened when you come across a beast,
That feeds off the hearts of its lower counter parts
Rap underworld boss, much bigger than you for starts
I make you and your crew look like they ****** Doo
Me controlling the elements that's hell for you
nothing you can do, my metaphors got meaning
You are a hoax just teething,
Imma full blown demon
you barely steaming
you've bean bitten its good ridden
my odds against you for so many reasons
I been hot, who you think changed the seasons
My HANS solo helped the pharaohs off spring
Made Alienware out of theses underground kings
Beating my chest in the middle of the ring
Raising vikings train'em to win
With my pen alone I could **** you with writtin
Imagine what a battle axe would do to your chin
I'll hulk smash, push your shin bone through your chin
Fresh off of my second wind, fresh off of a wind
I been doing this, before you exist,
And will run this when you stop breathing
You are in the path of a psychopath
You do the math then face my wrath
I **** guys blood ties then take a bath and laugh
You should just stop
We are not even
I revive your life
**** you twice
Just so the plot thicken
You was easy pick, from slim Pickens
I swallow whole chickens and baby pigeons
Livin under bridges trying to change my image
Fightin trolls and warriors my daily scrimmage
killing you, then train your brethren and break bread with
Your best friend, I'll be home by seven to have some words with the reverent
My crazy flow I’ll spit you a Rembrandt
My skill running rampant
About to get a little uncanned
I got a ***** in the Hampton
And she thinks I’m top ten
Plus I’m tall dark and I’m handsome
I’ll take you for ransom
But your not worth a grand-son
You couldn’t out rap me
If you were Santa grandson
Your evil family
Will Die ironically
every villain dies gory
In every story featuring me
**** day freestyle nonsense

Light a candle and burn the canvas
as I take advantage of my madness
I'm about to knock the planet off of it's axis
just the facts, I dont preach what I practice

the high point, the max, the vastness
bad habits like a back sliding Baptist
hail Mary, masses like a catholic
fast to put a fanatic in a casket

pass the tray to the congregation
time to pay the raging Caucasian
no need to pray, just face the creation
as we embrace this greatest occasion
R Arora Mar 2016
A rose is a rose,
No matter where it grows.
Some saw thorns,
Beauty some chose.
Criticized by some,
Valued by loads;
People's opinions,
You can't change them by force.
Perfection is desired,
Even if it's freestyle prose!
Our lives might be cumbersome,
Let's accept the challenges they pose;
There's a bit of stardust in us all,
No matter hellish situations might come how close,
because, *a rose is a rose.
Inspired by Robert Frost's 'The Rose Family'.

— The End —