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Zack Ripley Apr 2019
Daddy says he's got to go. "No. You can't go with me today. I'll be back before you know it. But for now, I need you to stay." So I obey. As I look out the window pane, I know he'll be back but it still hurts to see him drive away. But he saved me. He gave me a home. He gave me love. So even though it hurts to see him drive away, I'll stay. Because he's my daddy and that's all there is to say
Zack Ripley Sep 2019
If there's really a heaven and hell,
Baby you don't have to tell
Me where I'm going to.
Don't be afraid for my soul.
I'm still alive; still in control.
And for now, I have you by my side.
You, who makes me feel safe and sound.
You, who keeps my feet on the ground.
And when we look at each other,
We know we've found
Heaven on earth
Im scared
Cowering in the corner like a child with the shadows of my feelings surrounding me
Shes my best friend
And everyone already thinks we're dating
Why cant i just do it
Why cant i just ask her
Ask her to be mine
Just for a little while

Shes confused
Im completely sure
Shes the one i want at least for now
Teenage love is fleeting
It comes and goes
But for now i want her
And she'll likely never be mine
Seth Honda Apr 2018
Hey you, yes you, the one reading this page
I would like to make a vow
At this moment, offstage
I will love you for now.

You are probably disappointed, I figure as much
But before you stop reading, please, hear me out
Forever is a long time, though I am sure you’d be touched
But please, take my hand because I love you right now beyond any doubt.

Today is the only given, leave tomorrow to chance
So in the mystery, lay your lips on mine
There is no need to leave, not at least without a second glance.
We may have not been made for each other but right now is all I need, for right now you are mine.
April 29, 2018 || 6:48
Where do you want to be
When the world is setting down?
Because I'll be here for now.

When the sun goes down to sleep
and the moon comes out to play;
I'll be here for now.

— The End —