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numayer shuvo May 2019
I'm meeting this girl
For the first time today
I don't know who 'benched' who
Well, what can I say!


I looked out the window
For the first time today
It's the same old cityskape
But the weather has changed!


I had this epiphany
For the first time today
The world just goes by
Nothing's ever there to stay
numayer shuvo Jan 2019
It snowed here today.

Did it? And?
Black ice all along the footpath
I had trouble walking to office.

Did you? And?
When I actually reached there
I sensed something's not right
Soon it grew to sorrow

Sorrow of what?
Sorrow of being lied to.
You see, something had happened last night.
Something that shouldn't have had happened
Although it did happen.

I don't know what you mean.
You actually do!
numayer shuvo Jan 2019
"do you love me?"
A simple, austere question.
Yet, so strong, so powerful!
A question you know the answer to
Then answer it! But you don't want to.

"Yes, no, maybe so?"
He urges, he needs to know.
Standing under the rhododendrons,
His glasses foggy, his voice heavy.
His eyes inquisitive, his gaze weary.

His heart is now in your hand
"Mwahahaha!" You think to yourself.
You can do whatever you want with it-
Break it or keep it, adore it or puncture it-
Throw it away or give it back.

You look him in the eye
Hold his hands in yours-
Say something witty that implies- "yes, I do!"
You could've broken it or given it away,
You chose to keep it instead.

Careful, love, don't break it.
If you break it, how will you keep puncturing it?
numayer shuvo Jan 2019
We seldom kept secrets
We seldom had to lie
We seldom felt regrets
We seldom had to try

Look at all the regrets now,
Look- the trigger's pulled
Look, we found the secrets! wow!
Look, how we've been fooled!

Now that we are miles apart
What tethers our two minds?
Estranged by the soul and heart,
Who knows what we will find?
numayer shuvo Jan 2019
For you they rode a thousand mile
Across the Tigris, and the Nile
They fought till death,
Their horses fled
Under the hooves- the water rile

For you she made the desperate choice
As she ignored her inner voice
One sunny day,
She walked away,
Quite silently- without a noise

For you he counts his passing days
And tries to figure the different ways
How a guilty plea,
Will be his key,
To escape from this obnoxious mess

For you I overlook the spies
Ever-so-carelessly roll the dice
This game ends,
No more pretence,
For you, are none, but promised lies!

— The End —