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Gelz Sep 19
Just met a man.
Every single thing about him is amazing or was I just under some spell?
Truly enchanting, he is, with the stories he had shared and I still remember the sound of his laugh that is music to my ears.
How endearing I find him. I'm still in awe and I'm running out of words to describe how endlessly fascinating he is.
Radiant smile is what my lips involuntarily form whenever I meet his eyes or hear the vibration of his voice or simply just the thought of him cross my mind.
One day, maybe, one day, he'll leave me, too, or maybe he'll choose me. But I thank the Heavens above that I've known this man whose name is somewhere along this poem.
Star BG Jul 2017
I am wonderstruck by the offerings of Nature.
The birds that serenade with divine orchestration.
The brook with its dancing waters that cleanse.
The highways of land that caress my feet with grace.

I’m wonderstruck by the present of earths realm.
The gentle breeze that hugs inside love.
The welkin that carries rainbows of beauty.
The stones that vibrate as allies to heal.

I am wonderstruck by the gift of life.
The journey that holds grand adventure.
The vessel that experiences for the soul.
The breath that carries endless wisdom.

I am wonderstruck by my sacred heart.
The ticker that pumps both day and night.
The structure that expands for enlightenment.
The ***** that holds all my dreams.

I am wonderstruck by the mysteries of life.
The being who is a masterpiece of creation.
The spirit in human form who becomes a sage.
The human who is a walking being of love.
inspired by Nico Codino Julleze. A poet divine. Thanks Nico for inspiring me.

— The End —